Numobile Offers Leased iPhone Plans, if You Want a New Phone for Less

Numobile Offers Leased iPhone Plans, if You Want a New Phone for Less
Contributor: Fergus Halliday
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There’s never an ideal time to have to quickly replace a broken iPhone, but getting your hands on a replacement as soon as possible (and as cheaply as possible) is much easier now compared to how it used to be. All three of Australia’s big three providers currently offer Apple’s latest iPhone 14 on a postpaid plan at a variety of prices, with Vodafone usually coming out to be the cheapest option. However, as you can see from the widget below, Numobile’s cheapest iPhone 14 plan comes out roughly $30 ahead of the competition.

Those looking for a catch don’t have to go too far past the thrifty price tag to find it. However, if you don’t mind a mobile plan with a few strings attached to it, then Numobile’s lease plans might be an option worth considering for cost-cutters.

The reason that Numobile iPhone plans are so cheap is that it doesn’t just sell you a device. It sells you a subscription. The monthly handset fees involved are lower because you’re not paying off a device you’ve bought. Instead, you’re just renting it. When your lease period ends, you’ll have to return your device to Numobile in working condition. If you don’t, damage fees may apply.

That setup won’t be the right fit for every Aussie, but if you’re the kind of person who is reasonably careful with your phone and usually upgrades at the end of your contract anyway, then it might suit you just fine.

Picking up an iPhone 14 through Numobile over a 24-month lease works out to be $53 per month. If you opt for a longer 36-month term, you’re looking at just $37 per month in subscription fees. Combined with Numobile’s ultracheap $15 mobile plan, the total cost adds up to $52 per month for 36 months for the provider’s cheapest iPhone 14 plan.

That plan only comes with 3GB of monthly data, but it does have a 500GB data bank. It’s also one of the cheapest mobile plans out there that gets you coverage from Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks, though it doesn’t include a pass to its 5G network.

If you want to squeeze your budget even more, Numobile’s phone subscription plans don’t necessarily have to be paired with one of the provider’s own mobile plans. If you want to bring your own SIM card to the table, you can.

Before you do anything, though, be sure to trawl this shortlist of the best SIM-only mobile plan deals going around at the moment with at least 40GB of monthly data.

If everything sounds right but the steep price that comes with a brand new iPhone 14, I’ve got one final nugget of good news to share. Numobile’s iPhone range doesn’t just include the latest models. The provider also offers refurbished iPhones that go as far back as the iPhone 12.

Opting for an older or refurbished model might mean snagging your next iPhone for as little as $28 per month in subscription fees. That’s still pretty cheap, even if it’s not that much cheaper if you know where to look.

For context, here’s a quick snapshot of what an iPhone 12 will cost you on a mobile plan with Vodafone, Optus or Telstra.

Fergus Halliday is a journalist at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.


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