No Kitchen Is Complete Without a Rice Cooker

No Kitchen Is Complete Without a Rice Cooker
Image: iStock/Stefan Tomic
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If cooking isn’t really your forte, you most likely know the pain of having to scrap burnt rice out of a pot because you left it unattended on the stove for a bit too long. That, or the unfortunate taste of gluggy rice because you don’t know how to prepare it properly.

Luckily, there’s a handy kitchen appliance that’ll give you a perfect bowl every time – the rice cooker.

Just add in your rice with some water, pop the lid closed and switch it on. The cooker will do its thing before eventually switching itself to a warming mode when everything is good and ready.

Even if you’re a master chef, having one of these appliances means you’ll have one less thing that needs to be constantly checked, allowing you to better focus on other parts of your meal prep.

Here are a few rice cookers that deserve a spot on your kitchen counter.

Sistema Microwave Rice Cooker, $10

rice cooker
Image: Sistema

If you’re a bit tight on kitchen space and can’t fit in another big appliance, a microwave cooker is a cheap and convenient alternative. Unless you don’t own a microwave, that is.

All you need to do is fill this plastic tub with rice, add in the necessary ratio of water and then pop it in the microwave. It couldn’t be easier.

Sistema’s microwave rice cooker is available from here.

Kambrook Rice Cooker, $39

Image: Kambrook

This simple, one-touch cooker from Kambrook is an affordable way to get perfectly fluffy rice.

This appliance can hold up to five cups of uncooked rice, which will then become 10 cups once fully prepared. Once the rice is ready, then it will automatically switch into a warming mode to avoid overcooking it. It can also be used as a vegetable steamer.

You can pick up a Kambrook Cooker from here.

Tefal Rice and Slow Cooker, $89

Image: Tefal

This Tefal rice cooker is fairly easy to use. Just select from one of the presets on the front of the appliance, and it’ll take care of the rest. It will also automatically adjust its temperature and cooking time to avoid overcooking or undercooking your food.

If you’re someone who particularly enjoys a hearty stew, it also doubles as a slow cooker too.

The Tefal Rice and Slow Cooker is available here.

Panasonic Rice Cooker, $98

rice cooker
Image: Panasonic

This Panasonic cooker comes with four auto cook programs, which will let you prepare white rice, brown rice and even porridge at the simple push of a button. It can also keep your rice warm for up to five hours, and its domed lid design will stop any accumulated water from dripping backing into the rice.

You can pick up this Panasonic Cooker here.

Breville Smart Rice Cooker, $142

rice cooker
Image: Breville

As far as kitchen appliances go, Breville is one of the most trusted and reliable brands out there.

This Breville Smart Rice Cooker comes with preset settings for a variety of rice types – white, brown or even sticky sushi rice – making preparation as easy as pushing a button. It even has an LED display to let you know how long you’ll need to wait.

This cooker will automatically adjust its temperature during the cooking process. This will help to ensure the best results possible, regardless of what kind of rice you’re preparing. This appliance can also double as a steamer, making it a handy way to prepare some veggies.

Pick up the Breville Smart Cooker here.

Tiger Rice Cooker, $259

Image: Tiger

If you want an easy to use cooker, this one from Tiger couldn’t be more simple to use. Fill up the inner pot with rice and water, pop it into the appliance, secure the lid and flip the switch. Now all you need to do is wait for it to do its thing, and you’ll be eating fluffy rice in no time.

You can grab the Tiger Rice Cooker from here.

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