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My girlfriend and I make a lot of rice when we cook. The trouble is, she likes brown rice for health reasons and I like white rice for yummy reasons. I know brown rice is supposed to be "healthier" than white rice, but is it so much healthier that I need to make the switch?


Bay leaves are the dryer sheets of the kitchen. I know that they do something, I'm just not entirely sure what it is, and I don't really miss them when I run out. Yet I keep buying them, because this is what humans that cook do. They buy bay leaves and put them in things.


Don’t let its fancy reputation fool you: risotto is an unbeatable trash meal. No matter what bits and bobs you have floating around your fridge, there’s a solid chance they’d taste pretty good buried in broth-soaked, cheesy rice. Risotto is infinitely adjustable, just fancy enough to feel special, and with the help of your pressure cooker, all but impossible to mess up.


Eating is a sensory experience, and sometimes it’s a good idea to re-set your senses. Maybe you’ve been eating too many aggressively flavourful foods, maybe your stomach is iffy due to illness (or indulgence), or maybe you just don’t feel like doing. In any case, a bowl of soupy, falling-apart, porridge-like rice is what you need.


The best feta cheese comes packed in a salty, funky brine, and that stuff is pure liquid wonderment. Just as any brine can be used to flavour food, leftover feta brine can be used to whip up cheesy rice; moist, flavorful pork chops; and a crazy tasty pan sauce. (It also freezes very well, which means you can stash it pretty much indefinitely.)


The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a strange one. Things feel oddly festive and slightly depressing at the same time, I never know what day it is, and I am so, so tired of food. Not only am I tired of the holiday leftovers in my fridge, I’m tired of thinking about food in general. Obviously, the solution to my food-related problems is more food, and that food is red beans and rice.


Even Australians have heard of the Chipotle range of restaurants in the US, but many of us have never experienced its distinctive flavours before. Now we can replicate the restaurant quality rice at home with this recipe for their coriander-lime rice.


We Indians love our fermented food, from the crumbly steamed dhokla and fluffy white idlis, to the fried wadas and the flavourful kadhi. One of the staples, preferred in the southern part of the country but relished all over, is the humble dosa. This protein-rich crepe is made from a fermented batter of urad dal (split black gram) and rice.


I grew up with a standard, cheap rice cooker that my mum bought at a grocery store. Shopping for my own cooker as an adult, I was surprised at how many options there are to choose from and how expensive those options can be. Cooking rice is a pretty straightforward task, so what's with the super expensive cookers? Here's what I found.


On a scale from "1" to "listeria" the amount of stomach trouble I would expect a bowl of rice to give me falls around a "2", but apparently the seemingly innocuous grain can inflict a lot of pain if it isn't stored properly.


You know that awkward moment in your fridge, when it still has food in it, but it's all 1/2-cup portions of various leftovers and like, one carrot? That moment is annoying, because you still have food that can and should be eaten, just nothing that fits together in a cohesive meal. Luckily, I have a dish for just this moment: Eggs and rice.