Make A Giant Pancake In Your Rice Cooker

Make A Giant Pancake In Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers aren’t just for rice. Put the super-versatile appliance to work making an epic pancake.

As you can see from the photo above, the pancake ends up being more cake-like than the thin, flat rounds we’re used to. You can cut it in wedges and serve it for breakfast, just like a cake:

Make A Giant Pancake In Your Rice Cooker

RocketNews24 points out the biggest benefit of making your pancakes this way (besides the novelty of pancake cakes): Once you’ve mixed up your batter in the rice cooker, all you have to do is hit the start button and you’re done. No need to pour multiple batches, watch over a pan or do any flipping. If your rice cooker has a timer function, you could even make this overnight.

Take it to the next level by mixing in other ingredients, including chocolate chips, cocoa powder, sliced bananas or whatever else you want.

How to Make Epic Pancakes with Your Japanese Rice Cooker [RocketNews24]


  • I tried this yesterday but it ended in tears 🙁 I don’t think my rice cooker is high tech enough to do it – all it has is one mechanical switch to “cook”. I think the pancake needs a rice cooker with bit more smarts.

    • It’s not baked, so it’s not a cake? Like how a cheesecake isn’t a cake (it’s a pie) because it’s not baked?

  • Microwave cake is closer to pancake than oven cake – so try that too. (look for cake in a mug recipes!)

  • The naming of cake like things tends to depend on three things. The ingredients (such as whether yeast is used or a raising agent), the method of combining them (for example, cake tends to start with creamed butter and sugar, while a quick mix is just all in) and the cooking method – baking in an oven (classic cake, scones and muffins), steaming (pudding), or frying (pancake, crumpet, pikelet). A true pancake has no raising agents and is fried in butter so it has a crisp buttery edge and a soft, but slightly chewy texture from the eggs in it – like the classic french crepe. Thick fluffy pancakes are more American style and are often also called hotcakes. But again, they’re fried in butter so they’re crispy on the outside, but the use of self-raising flour and buttermilk makes them fluffier on the inside.

    So, no, this isn’t really a pancake. It’s a steamed cake, or perhaps a pudding. The rice cooker has browned it nicely – something you don’t get in a microwaved cake. I think to pull this off you need a rice cooker that has a good quality seal on it so that it steams while it cooks, rather than just simmering – like some of the cheaper rice cookers do.

  • Thanks…. now I’ve wasted a pack of pancake mix. Burnt bottom, uncooked top.

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