Cook Rice In Beer For A Flavourful, Non-Lumpy Dinner Dish

Who says you have to cook rice in water to cook it? All you need is something that's mostly water, and beer is a perfect candidate. Much of the alcohol will cook away, and the effervescence will contribute to fluffy, non-sticky rice with a nutty flavour that's a world apart from plain white rice cooked in water.

I'm a big fan of adding spices to the water when you cook rice, even in a rice cooker, but there's nothing that says you have to cook rice with water at all. Men's Health suggests cooking jasmine rice with a brown ale and Greatist has a list of different types of beer and the flavours they'll impart to your food. Plus, you only need a cup or two of beer depending on how much rice you're making, and you get to enjoy the rest of the bottle.

Greatist has a few other great suggestions for beer at the link below, but cooking rice with it sounds great to us. Have you cooked rice in beer? What did you think? Share your thoughts — and your creative uses for beer — in the comments below.

31 New Uses for Beer: Cook Rice [Men's Health via Greatist]


    I find replacing water with beer when cooking up mince for tacos or burritos to work great. Plus it gives me an excuse to crack a bottle open when cooking.

      you need an excuse?

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