Avoid a Passive Aggressive Share House Message with These Cheap NBN Plans

Avoid a Passive Aggressive Share House Message with These Cheap NBN Plans
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Living in a share house with an inadequate internet connection can be extremely frustrating sometimes. It’s like a group of hungry chickens all vying to get a mouthful of feed during dinner time. Everybody wants some, but there’s only so much to go around. It’s especially stressful if your entire household is currently working from home.

To help take some stress of your house’s internet connection, we’ve put together the cheapest plans for the NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 speed-tiers. This way, you’ll get an internet connection that’ll make everyone happy without breaking the bank. These plans are all unlimited, so you won’t have to worry about someone capping the house’s monthly data and ruining it for everyone.

A fair few internet providers are offering NBN deals, most of which last for the first six months you’re connected to the plan. If you really want to maximise your savings, it’s not a bad idea to switch NBN plans when these offers expire.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 25 plans

If you’re a small house with less internet intensive needs, an NBN 25 should do you fine. However, if you live with a few people under the same roof and you all have decent internet appetites (ie. a lot of streaming, video games and big downloads), an NBN 25 connection is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

So you want the cheapest plan possible? That honour belongs to Tangerine, which is currently offering an NBN 25 connection for $44.90/month. This price lasts for the first six months you’re with Tangerine, before jumping up to $59.90/month. Even better is the fact that Tangerine has typical evening speeds of 25Mbps, making it one of the fastest plans in this tier.

After Tangerine, Dodo, SpinTel and Superloop are all offering NBN 25 plans with typical speeds of 25Mbps for a discounted $48.90/month, $49/month and $54.95/month, respectively. These discounted prices will last for the first six months you’re with either provider. After this discounted period, SpinTel and Superloop’s NBN plans both become $59.95/month, while Dodo jumps up to $65/month.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 50 plans

Once again, Tangerine has one of the cheapest and fastest plans for this speed-tier, with a typical evening speed of 50Mbps. Tangerine is currently offering a deal on its NBN 50 plan, where you’ll only pay $54.90/month for the first six months you’re on it, before increasing to $69.90/month thereafter.

Tangerine doesn’t have the cheapest NBN 50 plan on offer, however. That would be Exetel, which is $50/month with typical evening speeds of 48Mbps. After this six month period ends, Exetel’s plan makes a pretty steep jump up to $79/month.

If you want a plan that’s fast but still under $60/month, Dodo, Superloop, SpinTel and Internode all have NBN 50 connections with typical evening speeds of 50Mbps.

All of these plans are discounted for the first six months you’re with the respective provider, ranging as low as $58/month (Dodo) to $59.99/month (Internode). After this discount period ends, SpinTel has the cheapest full-price plan of the three at $64.95/month.

Cheap, unlimited NBN 100 plans

If your house really needs a fast connection to meet everyone’s needs, you’ll want an NBN 100 connection.

SpinTel currently has the cheapest NBN 100 plan on the market at $74/month. This price is only available for the first six months you’re with the provider, after which it’ll jump up to the usual $84.95/month. This SpinTel NBN plan has a typical evening speed of up to 100Mbps, which is very good value.

And, of course, Tangerine has one of the cheapest plans available at $74.90/month (for the first six months) with reported typical speeds of 92Mbps.

However, Superloop has also come to party with an NBN 100 plan that’s been discounted down to $74.95/month and a typical evening speed of 100Mbps. Considering the speed difference between Superloop and Tangerine’s NBN 100 plans, it’s worth spending an extra $0.05 each month for speedier internet.

If you have the right connection to support NBN 250, Superloop will also give you a free three-month upgrade to this speed tier.

There’s also Dodo, which is currently offering a plan for $75/month (for the first six months you’re with the provider), with a decent typical evening speed of 92Mbps.


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