Upgrade Your Work from Home Setup with These Desk Accessories

Upgrade Your Work from Home Setup with These Desk Accessories
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Well, it looks like some of us might be working from home again for the next little while. If it’s not your first time at the rodeo, you may have an efficient home office space already. If you feel like your workspace has been lacking, we’ve put together a few products that belong on every home office desk.

There are a few, simple accessories that can really help transform your home office for the better. From basic cable organisation, to ergonomic products that’ll stop you from slouching, and tech that’ll make things extra convenient.

Even if your home office is currently your dining room table, these are all helpful accessories that’ll make working from home much easier.

Lumbar Support Pillow, $39.95

While working from home, your office setup or choice of chair might not be as ergonomic as you’d like. This memory foam pillow is a great way to improve your posture and give your back the support it needs.

It comes with elastic straps to help make sure it’ll stay in place, no matter the kind of chair you slip it onto.

Buy the lumbar support pillow for $39.95 here.

CHOETECH Wireless Phone Charger (Two-pack), $33.99 (down from $49.99)

Being able to plop your phone down on a wireless dock is one of those conveniences you didn’t know you needed until you first tried it. This two-pack of wireless chargers gives you the option of having your phone lay flat or be standing while charging (or just have two charging docks throughout your house).

These wireless charging docks are compatible with most smartphone models, giving you a 7.5W charging speed for most iPhones, and a 10W charging speed for most Samsung Galaxy models. You can even charge your AirPods 2 Case/AirPods Pro on the pad.

Grab the CHOETECH wireless phone charger (two-pack) for $33.99 here.

Two-tier Monitor Riser, $35.99

If you’re after a more ergonomic viewing position for your monitor — and to stop hunching over your PC — this sturdy riser will get the job done. Easy to assemble, it also comes with a lower tier that you can use for some extra desk storage. It’s also a solid option for an ergonomic riser for your laptop.

Get the two-tier monitor riser for $35.99 here.

Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand, $18.99

While a desktop riser is a good option to put your laptop in a more ergonomic position, they can take up a lot of space. If your current desk isn’t a permanent position (or is in a shared space), having to constantly move the riser around can be a bit of a hassle. With a portable laptop stand you can get those good ergonomic benefits, along with a quick and easy set up.

This stand will support most 10-17″ laptops, and can be adjusted to change the angle/height of the stand.

This adjustable aluminum laptop stand is available for $18.99 here.

USB Hub, $19.99

If you have more USB peripherals than actual USB ports, you’re probably well familiar with the dance routine of frequently having to swap around plugs so you can use certain things. It’s one of those small things that, while in no way hard, is just increasingly frustrating the more you have to do it.

If that description hits too close to home, then it might be time you invested in a USB hub. There’s a range of hubs out there, some have more total ports, while some have different kinds of USB ports (USB-A and USB-C). Anker is a trusted brand when it comes to PC accessories, so you can’t go wrong if their USB hub. That said, this USB hub isn’t meant to be used with charging cables, so you shouldn’t be plugging your iPhone’s lightning cable or wireless charger into it.

Grab Anker’s USB hub for $19.99 here.

Power Board With USB Ports, $27.99

Depending on your home office set up, available power sockets can be at a premium. A power board is the obvious way to solve that problem.

This surge protected power board has four outlets, which should meet all of your power needs, and plenty of reach with a lengthy 1.8m power cord. This power board includes three USB ports, which should be more than enough to have your smartphone, tablet and headphones charging simultaneously.

Also? The power board is designed to look like a cartoon cat.

Pick up a power board with USB ports here for $27.99.

Cable Clips, $10.99 (down from $15.99)

Is your cable situation a bit of a rat’s nest? This clip bar is an easy way to keep all of your different cords in order. Just attach it to your home office desk with its adhesive backing and start clipping in your cables – as long as they’re 6mm in diameter or less. Tangles be gone.

You can buy the cable clips for $10.99 here.

Wi-fi Extender, $31.50 (down from $49.95)

How much use you’ll get out of a wi-fi extender really depends on your home office set up. If you’re in the same room as your wi-fi router, you can go ahead and skip picking one up. But if your router is on the other side of your place, and you’ve noticed that your Zoom calls are noticeably lower in quality when in your office, getting a wi-fi extender will help give you the extra boost that you need.

This wi-fi extender is on sale for $31.50 here.

Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest, $9.99

You should already own one of these. Your wrist will thank you later.

Grab a mouse pad with wrist rest here.

Headphone Stand, $9.38 (down from $12.99)

Some might call this accessory an unnecessary addition to your home office, but having your headphones on a stand instead of laying them somewhere on your desk is a good way to keep them out of your way and out of harm’s way. It’ll help you avoid knocking them off your desk, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally ruining them if you spill something over your work space.

If you’re a bit tight on desk space, you can try a headphone hanger that attaches to the bottom of your desk instead.

Get this headphone stand for $9.38 here.

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