This NBN 50 Plan Is Only $50 Right Now

This NBN 50 Plan Is Only $50 Right Now
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It’s been a hot minute since an NBN 50 plan was this cheap. Exetel has recently announced that it will be discounting its NBN 50 plan down to $50 per month.

This discount lasts for the first six months you’re with the ISP, after which the monthly price will bump back up to $79. That means you’ll save $174 over this six month period.

This plan is also contract free, so you’re free to give this plan the flick once the promotion ends.

Exetel reports typical evening speeds of 45 Mbps, making it a good mid-tier nBN 50 service.

If you’re currently living in a household where the biggest stress on your network is everyone streaming movies at the same time, this is a solid internet option – especially if you’re able to split the bill.

You can check out the full plan in the below table, and can see how Exetel stacks up against other NBN plans.

What other NBN 50 plans are available?

In terms of cost, Exetel is currently offering the cheapest NBN 50 connection. Its closest price competitor, Tangerine, is offering a plan for $54.90 per month with a reported speed of 50 Mbps.

If fast internet is an absolute must for you, shilling out an extra $5 a month might be worth it.

SpinTel has recently boosted all of its typical speeds, so its NBN 50 plan is now as fast as Telstra and Optus. This plan will set you back $59 per month.

Optus has recently discounted its NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans, and will throw in some fun extras, like an Ultra Wi-Fi booster, depending on which plan you take.

These Optus plans start at $75 per month. If you’d rather stick with an affordable NBN plan that won’t cost you more than $60 per month, there are a few options available.

If you don’t think an NBN 50 plan will meet your household’s needs, Telstra is currently running discounts on all of its NBN plans that are faster than 100 Mbps.


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