Why You Should Switch NBN Plans Every 6 Months

Why You Should Switch NBN Plans Every 6 Months
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We tend to think of the internet as a set-and-forget utility, like electricity, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re the sort of person who loves chasing credit card balance transfer deals, this will appeal to you.

This is kind of a crazy idea, but hear me out.

As the NBN market levels out, one thing we’re seeing is that there isn’t much pricing wiggle room for the low-cost RSPs. So rather than continue racing to the bottom, these providers are holding their ground and offering promotions and discounts instead.

The thing is, most of the promotions look the same: sign up today and get a cheaper price for the first six months.

Which has the bargain hunter in me asking, why not switch NBN plans every six months? Why not grab the best deal today, and then find the best deal again early next year? These are the types of savings you can enjoy.

Note: Our interactive tables may take a few seconds to load. Thanks for your patience.

NBN 50 plans with a 6 month discount

NBN 100 plans with a six month discount

[The discount hasn’t been applied to the Aussie Broadband plans in the tables. The price for comparison is $59 per month (NBN 50) and $79 per month (NBN 100) for the first 6 months.]

These promotional prices are pretty solid discounts compared with what the other providers are charging for the same services, and if you look closely you’ll noticed that most of these plans have no setup costs.

If this trend continues, you’d be able to reassess the market again in six months and switch, without paying a cent in setup fees because you’ll already have your NBN-ready modem to bring to the party.

You might also be surprised at how quickly NBN providers can switch your service over. A colleague of mine recently signed up for a new NBN plan at lunch, and it was in operation by the time she got home after work. I’m not sure how normal this is, but it seems that a switch of service can take place much faster than in the ADSL dark ages.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


  • The time it takes a provider to switch you from old to new aside, last I checked you need to sign up for a year at least and most expect two years. Has something changed in the last years ago since I last updated my contract with Iprimus?

    • Some places do offer “no lock in” contracts. You’ll likely have to pay for a connection fee and possibly delivery of a modem router.

      • Yeah I chose Aussie Broadband because of that. I will stick with them until things go pear shaped (and they don’t resolve whatever issue comes up) hen I will switch. But I have to be honest I am getting 96mb/38mb at 8:30pm so I’m pretty happy.

  • So I’m supposed to change my RSP every 6 months, pay an upfront, exorbitant ‘no contract’ fee, receive a new modem (which I am unable to decline and will end up in the trash because literally nobody will buy it), and wait 10-14 working days for my service to switch over?

    ….. Every 6 months?

    Are you mentally handicapped?

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