These Are The Best NBN 50 Deals In Australia Right Now

These Are The Best NBN 50 Deals In Australia Right Now
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NBN 50 plans tend to be the Goldilocks option when it comes to Australian internet. They’re the “just right” intersection of speed and value. An NBN 50 plan is a significant step up from an ADSL connection, and the monthly bill will be a lot more reasonable than an NBN 100 plan, which typically starts at around $80 per month when you exclude promotional offers.

On the other hand, $70 per month is about the average for a full price NBN 50 plan, and discounts can bring it even lower. In some cases, you can spend as little as $50 per month. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the best NBN 50 deals around right now.

Exetel has one of the cheapest NBN 50 plans around. You’ll pay just $50 per month for your first six months, and $80 months thereafter. While $50 per month is about as cheap as NBN 50 gets, the full price of $80 per month is on the more expensive side of the NBN 50 spectrum. This plan is contract-free however, so you can always leave after your discount expires.

Tangerine is up next, where you’re looking at $54.90 per month for the first six months and $69.90 per month thereafter. This plan is contract-free, and it’s worth noting that Tangerine also has a 14-day risk-free trial. If you find yourself unhappy during your first two weeks, you can say your goodbyes and get your plan fees refunded. You won’t be able to get a refund for your modem if you purchase one through Tangerine, but it will work with any other NBN provider.

Dodo is another contender with a discount of its own. You’ll pay $58.50 per month for your first six months, and $75 per month thereafter. You can however knock off a further $10 per month by also getting your electricity and gas through Dodo. Just be aware that this offer is only available in New South Wales and Victoria, and in certain areas. Be mindful that you’ll need to pay a $60 modem fee to get this plan.

SpinTel’s NBN 50 deal is also worth considering. You’ll pay $59 per month for your first six months, and $64.95 per month thereafter. While that’s more expensive during your initial half-year than the three previous providers, $64.95 per month is one of the cheapest non-discounted NBN 50 plans around.

Promotional discounts aren’t your only option for saving money, either. Vodafone’s NBN 50 plan will normally set you back $80 per month, but that drops down to $65 per month if you’ve got a postpaid mobile plan with the telco.

Vodafone’s NBN plans are contract-free. However, if you take up Vodafone’s optional modem, you’ll need to pay out the remaining value if you leave in your first 36 months. This is equivalent to $5 per month left in your three-year term.

In a similar vein, you’d typically pay $69 per month for a MATE NBN 50 plan, but you can slash $10 per month off that price by signing up to one of the telco’s SIM-only plans. MATE mobile plans are powered by the Telstra network and start at $20 per month for 8GB. The $25 per month option with 18GB is a better option, in our view. MATE’s NBN and mobile plans are contract-free.

Lastly, both Aussie Broadband and MyRepublic are currently offering your first month free.

With Aussie, you can use the promo code FASTMONTH to get the first month of its NBN 50 plan at no cost. You’ll pay $79 per month thereafter, but the plan is contract-free. This offer runs until August 31.

On MyRepublic, you’ll pay $0 on your first month with the promo code 1MONTHFREE. You’ll then pay $69 per month, and once again, the plan is contract-free. This deal is available until June 30.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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