Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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You wanted: How to get Microsoft Office free, RIP ‘KFC’ Australia, Google Chrome’s new incognito mode. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Psst, Microsoft Office Is Basically Free Now
    For so long, many of us have struggled to renew our licences for Microsoft Office and have been punished with that pesky error – but now there’s a fix. Turns out, you can access it legally and for free online.
  2. Google Pixel 4 Is Bringing Back A Feature Nobody Wanted
    There are a number of dumb but cool features on the latest smartphones like beauty filters and live photos. But perhaps the crown for the coolest dumb feature goes to ‘air gestures’ – and they’re making a return to the upcoming Google Pixel 4. Very soon, you’ll be able to control your phone by waving at it, just like in 2013.
  3. ‘KFC’ Is Getting The Chop In Australia (But Don’t Freak Out)
    Since 1991, KFC has been synonymous with fried chicken but the fast-food franchise has plans to kill off its iconic logo and name for the past three decades in favour of nostalgia. That’s right: we’re apparently ditching the acronym and going back to ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’.
  4. It’s Official: The Samsung Note 10 Looks Incredible
    The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is less than a week away and images of the device are beginning to pop up in the wild. What we’re seeing is even sleeker than we imagined with some the thinnest bezels ever to grace a smartphone. In short, it looks incredible. Here are the photos.
  5. The Easiest Way To Destroy Your Car’s Manual Transmission
    What I wanted to know was simple: how to drive a manual without breaking it, since repairs are expensive. I got a lot of different answers from a lot of different people — some of it seemed to make sense, some didn’t.
  6. Google Chrome Just Drove A Wrecking Ball Through Website Paywalls
    This week, the Google Chrome 76 update officially rolled out to Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. Among the new features added to the browser is an enhanced Incognito Mode with a very useful trick up its sleeve.
  7. Everything Coming To Stan, Netflix And Foxtel In August 2019It’s a brand new month which means fresh content just in time for winter’s last hurrah. There’s everything from juicy dramas, stitch-inducing comedies and action-packed thrillers so you’ll be spoiled for choice from Stan, Netflix and Foxtel when it comes to picking something to sink into your couch for.
  8. Everything Coming To Netflix In August 2019
    A new month is on the horizon and that means a new onslaught of Netflix content is about to enter our lives. From the new season of Mindhunter to GLOW to the classic grossout comedy, Zombieland, there’s bound to be something for everyone in this batch.
  9. Report: Microsoft Is Ruining Windows 10 Start MenuWhile the Windows 10 May update introduced some fun new features like dark and light modes, it didn’t mess with the Start menu. The next software update, however, has the iconic locator tool in its firing line – and the change isn’t good.
  10. Binge Alert: Netflix Is Adding Some Killer Movies Tonight
    On August 1, a bunch of third-party movies will be dropping onto Netflix to kick start the month. There are 13 titles to binge watch, including some critically acclaimed gems and cult classics. Here’s the full list!

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