Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: NBN alternatives, Office 365 changes, why lettuce is crap, McDonald’s McRib takeaway truth. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Here’s Everything New On NetflixAttention Aussie binge addicts: This weekend, Netflix is adding a 20 new and returning shows to the service. Here’s the full list!
  2. Fixed Wireless: How NBN’s Best Alternative Stacks Up
    In late 2017 I signed a thirty year mortgage on a house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, in an area due to be connected to the NBN in “early 2018”. With the ink barely dry on the contract, NBN Co announced it was halting all planned rollouts until further notice. Cable was not available in the area, so I assumed my only option was ADSL.
  3. Five Ways The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Beats Apple iPhone XS
    Now that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are out some folks will be standing at their local phone store wondering whether to outlay megabucks for Apple’s new uber-phones or splash out on a smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy range. What are the key factors when choosing between the latest Apple smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?
  4. Report: Microsoft Is Replacing Edge With A Chromium-Powered Browser
    Rumours are spreading that Microsoft is ready to throw in the towel with Microsoft Edge, the browser that replaced the much-maligned Internet Explorer in the release of Windows 10. Not even four years in, Edge has failed to throw off the bad reputation of its predecessor, and now it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to start again from scratch. Here’s everything we know so far.
  5. Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s McRib
    The McRib is back. I actually have no idea what a McRib is, but it’s back, and it’s apparently one of the fast food chain’s most commonly requested limited menu items. So we’ve picked one up, tasted it and, more importantly, seen how it stacks up to its glossy (and saucy) promotional imaging. Here’s our verdict.
  6. The Latest Android 9 Security Update Includes Helpful Feature Patches For Pixel Phones
    On Tuesday, Google posted patch notes for the imminent Android security update for December, which will roll out to all Android devices starting today. These monthly updates normally fix potential vulnerabilities for devices running Android 9, but this month’s update includes specific patches for Pixel phones in addition to the normal security updates.
  7. Microsoft Office 365: Big Changes Are Coming
    The ribbon interface introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 was easily one of the most radical changes the company ever made to its productivity software. But Microsoft has made other, more subtle, changes to Office over the years, going so far as to keep the icons for Word, Excel and the like up-to-date. The last time these icons saw any attention was back in 2013, so I suppose it was about time they were refreshed.
  8. PSA: You Can Set Windows 10’s ‘High Performance’ Profile For Individual Apps
    If you have a laptop with switchable graphics, odds are you’re familiar with the option to force which GPU — Intel or NVIDIA / AMD — your PC should use when running a particular program. However, Windows 10 has introduced another per-app feature that lets you pick which performance profile should be used, handy is you want every drop of speed from your hardware.
  9. Today I Discovered What Happened Last Time Outsiders Visited North Sentinel Island
    Last month, a tiny remote island in the Bay of Bengal made headlines when an American missionary was killed by the uncontacted tribe who inhabit it. However the inhabitants of North Sentinel island aren’t uncontacted by accident: there have been numerous attempts to contact and ‘modernise’ the ancient tribe over the centuries, and each time they have violent rejected contact with the world at large. Here’s what happened.
  10. Lettuce Is Crap
    Toss out the cos; dump the iceberg while you’re at it, too. Lettuce is crap. Lettuce has always been crap. And here is why.


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