‘KFC’ Is Getting The Chop In Australia (But Don’t Freak Out)

‘KFC’ Is Getting The Chop In Australia (But Don’t Freak Out)
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Since 1991, KFC has been synonymous with fried chicken but the fast-food franchise has plans to kill off its iconic logo and name for the past three decades in favour of nostalgia. That’s right: we’re apparently ditching the acronym and going back to ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’.

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According to a report on news.com.au, KFC will now be known as ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’, its original name before the 1991 rebrand, with stores around Australia going back to their historical roots. Also gone is the slogan ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’, due to be replaced with ‘So Good’. The Australian website as well as national stores, however, still have all the old branding at the time of writing.

Lifehacker Australia reached out to KFC who confirmed the acronym wasn’t totally gone and the move wasn’t a complete rebrand.

“We’ve always served Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s part of our heritage,” KFC Australia CMO Kristi Woolrych said in an email statement.

“KFC is who we are. It’s our Aussie nickname, like the MCG is to Melbourne. We’re not retiring ‘KFC’, we’re simply using Kentucky Fried Chicken to celebrate our delicious Original Recipe chicken.”

Just a few weeks ago, it was announced Newcastle, NSW would be the site for KFC’s first drive-through-only store in the world. Interestingly, while the concept images were devoid of the KFC branding in favour of ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken, the ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan still remained. It’s due to open in November 2019.

It’s unclear why KFC has decided to change back to the full title but with the rise of Korean fried chicken – also colloquially known as KFC – it might be trying to maintain its relevance. It also remains to be seen how the franchise will be able to shake its old-new brand given how easy the three letters are to remember and say out loud but we look forward to this brave new era.

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  • I noticed that it was changed when I got my meal at the KFC over the weekend.

    I know that QLD franchises are different to the rest of the country though.

    • One would hope this name change will help with getting better service or indeed just trying to get the order correctt ,but thats wishful thinking ,i now check order in drive thru before proceding thru which is sad but highly recommended with this kfc crowd they would be nearly the worse if not the worse .

  • As an old boy (now!) I was always disappointed when Kentucky started using the acronym KFC and I’ve still maintained calling it Kentucky Fried Chicken. Don’t see the big deal about going back to the name people can still abbreviate it to KFC if they want just like they abbreviate McDonald’s to Maccas or Hungry Jacks to just Jacks

    • I’d always assumed that with their changing menu, there may have been an issue actually calling some of their more “processed” menu items chicken.

  • Worked briefly at a Kentucky Fried in the 1980s as a teenager – it was my first fast food job. We all used to call it F*cky Duck – everyone I knew called it that, whether you worked there or not. I’m in my late forties now and still habitually call it F*cky Duck. Never eat it though.

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