Report: Microsoft Is Ruining Windows 10 Start Menu

Report: Microsoft Is Ruining Windows 10 Start Menu
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While the Windows 10 May update introduced some fun new features like dark and light modes, it didn’t mess with the Start menu. The next software update, however, has the iconic locator tool in its firing line – and the change isn’t good.

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The upcoming update, dubbed 18947, was accidentally released to Microsoft’s Insider Program and revealed an updated Start menu.

The update, which has since been removed, showed a stripped-back Start menu with ‘live tiles’ notably missing. The build was very rudimentary in design and it’s unclear whether live tiles will remain missing in the final release.

A Microsoft employee detailed the error in releasing 18947 along with steps on how to undo the update.

“[The 18947 update] was unintentionally released to a broader audience than expected,” the post said.

“We actively test and validate each of our preview builds internally before sharing them externally, however a configuration change allowed this build to release to multiple rings simultaneously, including external rings.

“We apologize for any troubles this may have caused for affected Insiders and appreciate your assistance in bringing this to our attention so we could make the necessary changes as quickly as possible.”

But once the update was out in the wild, punters had their say on the controversial change.

The build is unlikely to be released in the coming months so it remains to be seen whether this overhaul will be made available for users. In the wake of the online backlash, here’s hoping Microsoft goes back to the drawing board on this one.

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  • It would be good to see live tiles disappear. Except for the live news, all others were a cheap and nasty way to infiltrate peoples homes with advertising. I welcome the change.

  • People use the windows start menu still?

    OpenShell (continuation of ClassicShell) all the way

    I’m not a fan of the live tiles, or the current Windows 10 start menu. The icons are bland and way larger than they need to be (thanks to designing a UI with a tablet metphor). The leaked start menu looks like a continuation of that idea. Maybe aimed at the cut down version of Windows.

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