Doctor Who Season 14: When and Where to Watch the Latest Season in Australia

Doctor Who Season 14: When and Where to Watch the Latest Season in Australia

One of TV’s longest-running sci-fi franchises, Doctor Who, is back—again! As is customary in the Doctor Who tradition, a new actor has stepped into the TARDIS to take over the Doctor’s intergalactic adventures. Like any good companion, we are here to bring you all the information you need on Doctor Who Season 14.

Latest Doctor Who Season 14 2024 news and rumours

doctor who season 14
Image: Disney. Doctor Who Season 14 release date.

May 2024: New clips from Season 14 premiere released

Ahead of Season 14’s premiere, new clips from the premiere batch of episodes have been released. One clip shows the Doctor explaining his time travelling lifestyle to his new companion, another shows the duo dealing with the “butterfly effect” (literally).

March 2024: First trailer released

The first trailer for Doctor Who Season 14 dropped in March and teased some of the adventures the Doctor and his companion will be up to this time – including a trip to the dinosaur era and a journey through Regency Era England.

March 2024: Episode titles revealed

In March, BBC and Disney revealed the titles for Season 14 of Doctor Who. The eight episodes (via RadioTimes) will be named as follows:

  1. ‘Space Babies’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Julie Anne Robinson
  2. ‘The Devil’s Chord’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Ben Chessell
  3. ‘Boom’ – written by Steven Moffat, directed by Julie Anne Robinson
  4. ’73 Yards’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Dylan Holmes Williams
  5. ‘Dot and Bubble’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Dylan Holmes Williams
  6. ‘Rogue’ – written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman, directed by Ben Chessell
  7. ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Jamie Donoughue
  8. ‘Empire of Death’ – written by Russell T Davies, directed by Jamie Donoughue

Doctor Who Season 14 release date and time in Australia

doctor who season 14
Image: Disney

Apart from the special episode here or there, Doctor Who was last seen in December 2021 when we said goodbye to Jodie Whittaker’s version of the character. Now, after a long three-year wait for fans, we’re welcoming the TARDIS back into our lives in 2024.

Doctor Who Season 14 is confirmed to debut with its first three episodes on Saturday, May 11. An exact time has also been confirmed, with the episodes dropping at 10:00 am AEST in Australia.

Why is Doctor Who Season 14 called Season 1?

The naming of Doctor Who seasons has always been slightly confusing. The series began back in the 1960s and ran for 26 seasons before it ended.

The series was then rebooted by the BBC back in 2005 and started from Season 1 again, which continued up until the recent Season 13. While there’s only been a few years since Season 13 and now, the new season of Doctor Who is officially titled Season 1 (again) and is getting a soft reboot. This is due to a new deal between the BBC and Disney, with the latter becoming the new distributor for the series internationally.

As executive producer, Russell T. Davies explained to Rolling Stone:

“Who is interested in Season 67, or whatever it is? It genuinely starts again. The reason why it’s survived for all these years is that every so often, Doctor Who stops, opens the door and refreshes itself, and gets a new audience in.”

Doctor Who Season 14 cast

doctor who season 14
Image: Disney

Who is the new Doctor Who?

Doctor Who has managed to revitalise itself many times over the years thanks to its revolving door of incredible actors who step up to take on the role. For this new iteration of Doctor Who, Sex Education and Barbie star Ncuti Gatwa has taken on the role, becoming the fifteenth Doctor and the first Black actor to play the character.

After being cast, Gatwa said “There aren’t quite the words to describe how I’m feeling. A mix of deeply honoured, beyond excited and of course a little bit scared. This role and show means so much to so many around the world, including myself, and each one of my incredibly talented predecessors has handled that unique responsibility and privilege with the utmost care. I will endeavour my utmost to do the same.”

Companions and supporting cast

A Doctor is often only as good as their companions, and for Season 14, we’re getting a new face in Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday, a character who was introduced in the Christmas special ‘The Church on Ruby Road’.

Also appearing in the new season is Aneurin Barnard, Anita Dobson, Yasmin Finney, Michelle Greenidge, Jonathan Groff, Bonnie Langford, Genesis Lynea, Jemma Redgrave, Lenny Rush, Indira Varma and Angela Wynter.

How many episodes will there be in Doctor Who Season 14?

It has been confirmed that Season 14 will consist of eight episodes. After the debut of the first two episodes, they will be released weekly.

Doctor Who Season 14 Plot

We got a taste of Gatwa and Gibson’s chemistry in the 2023 Christmas episode of Doctor Who. However, this will act as a perfect lead-in to their adventures in Season 14.

The synopsis for the new Doctor Who episodes teases a wild ride ahead, saying:

This season of Doctor Who follows the Doctor and Ruby Sunday through infinite adventures across time and space in the TARDIS. From the Regency era in England to war-torn futures, the duo champion the forces of good while encountering incredible friends and dangerous foes.

Doctor Who Season 14 Trailer

The trailer for Season 14 has pretty much everything – monsters, dinosaurs and even references to Bridgerton! Check it out.

Where to watch Disney’s Doctor Who

If you hadn’t gathered at this point, the BBC and DIsney’s international distribution deal means we in Australia will be part of the contingent that can stream Doctor Who exclusively on Disney+. For older seasons of the show, you’ll find an assortment of episodes on Stan or on Prime Video.

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