Every Doctor Who, Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Doctor Who, Ranked From Worst To Best
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This week, Jodie Whittaker made a spectacular debut as the first female Doctor – the 13th official regeneration of everyone’s favourite two-hearted, time-travelling alien.

The regeneration of the Doctor is a tradition that dates back to 1963 and includes 14 men who have played the role over nearly five decades. With the start of Whittaker’s new role on the show, it’s a great time to remind ourselves of the Doctors who won our appreciation – and those who didn’t.

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Here is every Doctor Who ranked from the worst to the best:


  • That’s not bad – certainly closer to my personal rankings than other lists I’ve seen. Having grown up watching first Jon Pertwee and then Tom Baker, I was appalled at the later appointments of Colin Baker and then Sylverster McCoy. I’m still not sure why they replaced Tom Baker at all, to be honest. It took a couple of years, but the producers certainly paid for that decision.

    I recently rediscovered the more recent incarnations of Dr.Who through my kids, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s really hard to go past Tom Baker, but I must say the story lines and companions made Matt Smith’s incarnation the most enjoyable of the lot.

    So I agree with the list for the most part, but would put Matt Smith first, and David Tennant third and maybe swap Jon Pertwee and Christopher Eccleston.

    • Tom Baker left because of where the show was heading – I think he saw the end coming. The BBC changed the tone of the show (which became the main reason it ended), and the producer at the time was doing things Baker didn’t agree with, so overall he felt he needed to leave. And is on record as thinking he went a season too long anyway.

      Having grown up in the same era as you, I think he was right. The last Tom Baker season was his worst for me, and I thought his transition to Peter Davison was one of the worst of them all as well.

      Still my favourite Doctor though, closely followed by David Tennant. I don’t mind the list myself (saw it somewhere else over the weekend), and would really only swap a couple of them around. Namely Pertwee and Capaldi.

  • You say “a tradition that dates back to 1963” then you have the first entry from 1965. And the first canonical regeneration was in 1967, as a way of replacing the actor.

  • Matt Smith was the absolute worst. He was only querky for the sake of it, and the stories were dumbed down for kids and don’t get me started on the companions!

    I only got into Who with ecklson, and Smith put me right off the show. I only started watching again after they killed him off!

    I’m looking forward to the new Doctor though!

  • 1. Tom Baker. I grew up with him. He was the uncle/father figure I wanted.
    2. Chris Eccleston. He is my favourite of the reboot, I enjoyed his serious yet slightly manic take on the doctor and I have to agree, his version of the Doctor and the relationship between him and Rose was electric.
    3. David Tennant. To be honest, David and Chris tie for 2nd. I adore David for the heart and silliness that he brought to the Doctor.
    4. Matt Smith. Controversial, I hated him at first but towards the end of his tenure, he seemed to mature into the role – that, and the writing became much better.
    5. John Hurt. The War Doctor was a bit of brilliance that I actually really enjoyed.

    I’m already in love with Jodie after the first episode – we’ll see what place she takes in my rankings when I get to see more of her take on the Doctor.

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