McDonald’s Feisty McSpicy Range Introduces Its Hottest-Ever Burger

McDonald’s Feisty McSpicy Range Introduces Its Hottest-Ever Burger

When it comes to spicy meals, McDonald’s probably isn’t your first port of call. Sure, there’s the McSpicy burger, but it isn’t really enough to satisfy those with a real hunger for fire. However, Macca’s is upping the ante with its new Feisty McSpicy range of feeds.

Let’s take a look at the new items heating up the Macca’s menu.

What’s in the McDonald’s feisty McSpicy range?

The new Feisty McSpicy range builds on the previous McSpicy range already on offer, adding an even hotter chilli sauce. The range includes three new burgers but Macca’s has also announced the return of a couple of fan favourite snacks as well.

Feisty McSpicy items will be available in McDonald’s stores across Australia from Wednesday, May 22. However, one thing to note is that this range is only available for a limited time only. Here’s what’s available:

Feisty McSpicy

mcdonalds feisty mcspicy
Image: McDonald’s Australia

According to Macca’s, “the Feisty McSpicy takes the original McSpicy to the next level with the new Feisty Hot Sauce. Get your taste buds tingling with 100% Aussie RSPCA Approved chicken, marinated and coated with a range of spices, topped with mayo and 100% crisp Aussie lettuce, on a sesame seed bun.”

McDonald’s claims this is its hottest burger ever, so if you’re feeling cold this winter be sure to pick up one of these burgers to warm you inside and out.

Double Feisty McSpicy

The next new burger is the Double Feist McSpicy which includes double the chicken, double the spice and double the crunch, plus the new Feisty Hot Sauce.

Cheese and Bacon Feisty McSpicy

The final new burger in the range is the Cheese and Bacon Feisty McSpicy, which includes all of the ingredients of the McSpicy but with the addition of delicious rasher bacon, Aussie Jack cheese and that new feisty spicy sauce.

Spicy Shaker Fries

mcdonalds feisty mcspicy
Image: McDonald’s Australia

One of the menu items making a return to the winter range at Macca’s is Spicy Shaker Fries. This gives you a serving of classic McDonald’s fries plus a serve of spicy seasoning that you can shake over your chips.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Lastly, we have the return of the Spicy Chicken McNuggets, which are chicken nuggets that have been given an ample hit of the feisty McSpicy sauce to add some mouthwatering heat.

While the Feisty McSpicy items are only available for a limited time, Macca’s did take this opportunity to announce that the original McSpicy burger would become a permanent part of the menu, meaning you’ll always have a spicy burger option available to you.

A reminder with the King’s Birthday long weekend coming up that McDonald’s stores will be open over the holiday – but you can find more info on that here.

Lead Image Credit: McDonald’s Australia

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