From Pizza to Casserole, Leftover Roast Lamb Keeps on Giving With These Recipes

From Pizza to Casserole, Leftover Roast Lamb Keeps on Giving With These Recipes

There’s nothing like closing out the week with a succulent roast lamb. Not only is it the epitome of comfort food, but there are almost always leftovers. This means you can enjoy the subtle sweetness of roast lamb throughout the week. Looking to make something a little more exciting than a sandwich with your leftover lamb? If you’re short on ideas there are a plethora of leftover roast lamb recipes you can follow.

What to do with leftover roast lamb?

If you’re lucky enough to have any leftover roast lamb in the fridge, don’t let it go to waste. You went to all that effort learning how to make the perfect roast lamb, it should be celebrated throughout the week! Transform it into a gourmet lamb pizza, a tasty lamb burger or a kebab-inspired casserole. Make the most out of your Sunday roast leftovers with some of our favourite leftover roast lamb recipes.

Leftover roast lamb pizza

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Using leftover roast lamb is a simple way to make your frozen pizza less sad. It can instantly turn a Margherita into a gourmet lamb pizza. Of course, you could also use the lamb for your delicious homemade pizza. But making dough from scratch is time-consuming, and if you’re using leftovers I’m guessing you want the smallest amount of effort possible.

How to adapt using leftovers

Dice the meat and put it on top of your frozen pizza. Add extra cheese, whack it in the oven for the indicated time on the packaging and you’re done! For something different, try grilling frozen pizza to get the crust all brown and bubbly.

Leftover roast lamb casserole

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If you’re a fan of lamb kebabs, you’ll love this kebab-inspired lamb casserole. Piled with lamb, french fries and fresh vegetables, it’s the perfect dish for when you’re super hungry (or hungover). Somewhere in between a kebab, loaded fries and a salad, simply layer the ingredients in a casserole dish – adding feta, onions, tortilla chips (basically anything you want) – and drizzle with tzatziki once cooked. Excuse me as I try and stop my mouth from dribbling.

Recipe: Kebab-Inspired Casserole

How to adapt using leftovers

Skip the cooking meat step in the recipe above. Instead, add a layer of leftover roast lamb to the casserole.

Leftover roast lamb burgers

leftover roast lamb burgers
Photo: Melissa Walker Horn, Unsplash

Having leftover roast lamb in the fridge is a great excuse to make gourmet lamb burgers. Lamb has a lot of flavour and can be combined with a variety of palettes – so have some fun with it! Think Japanese karaage burger using a leg of lamb, Mexican pulled lamb shoulder burger or a Turkish Minced lamb kofta burger. The below recipe includes not only three delicious lamb slider recipes but also cooking advice from Tom Walton, Head Chef at Bondi’s The Bucket List.

Recipe: Lamb burgers

How to adapt using leftovers

Instead of cooking the patties from scratch, shred the leftovers and add them to the burger.

Save the lamb bones

Whether you’re cooking leftover roast lamb, roast chicken, roast pork or roast ham, be sure to keep the bones. You can make bone broth or use the bone to make a big pot of red beans and rice. Bone broth is loaded with essential nutrients, so you’re not only saving money by making your own stock but also making healthy choices.

The best bone broths are cooked in excess of 24 hours if you really want to draw out those nutrients. But 8 hours will also suffice. Add sauteed vegetables (carrot, celery, onion) and herbs (garlic, thyme, rosemary), and allow to simmer before reducing the heat to low. Simmer uncovered for 8-24 hours, adding more water as the level drops. Once cooked for the desired length of time, store in an airtight container and freeze.

Can you freeze leftover roast lamb?

You can safely freeze leftover roast lamb. Just make sure it is stored correctly in an airtight food storage container. Roast lamb can be stored for up to three days in the fridge, or for up to two months in the freezer. Ensure the lamb is fully defrosted before using and don’t re-freeze.

How do you reheat leftover roast lamb?

As a general safety practice, avoid defrosting frozen meat at room temperature. Doing so leaves more chances for bacteria to grow. The most common thawing technique for this kind of meat is to put it in the fridge. This takes longer than other thawing processes, but in the cold confinements of the fridge, it won’t develop bacteria.

Looking for more lamb recipe ideas?

Need some inspo for your next lamb dish? Try lamb’s neck with tangy grape gravy, glazed sous vide lamb shanks or give smoked lamb a go. If you’re looking for something to serve with your roast lamb, find out how to make the best roast potatoes.

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