ALDI’s Award-Winning Beer Will Teach You Not to Underestimate a Cheap Brew

ALDI’s Award-Winning Beer Will Teach You Not to Underestimate a Cheap Brew

In news that might just send fancy craft beer fans to their knees, budget supermarket ALDI has announced that it has picked up a whopping 9 awards at the Australian International Beer Awards for 2022.

The Australian International Beer Awards is described as the largest international beer competition in the world and it judges draught and packaged brews from over 21 countries. There are 35 awards to be won at the comp, and in brilliant news for your wallets, ALDI absolutely cleaned up.

Winning beers were split across ALDI’s everyday range and its special buys collection. You can check out the full list of award-winning (affordable as hell) beers below.

Award-winning ALDI beers: core range (available every day)

Rivet Lager, ALDI beer
Rivet Lager, ALDI beer. Image supplied
  • Fraser Briggs 24pk – Gold Medal (Class 1A – Australian Style Lager) – currently on super saver nationally at $29.99
  • Rivet Gold 12pk – Gold Medal (Class 14B – Reduced / Low Alcohol Lager) – $12.99 NSW/WA/ $11.99 VIC
  • Storm Super Dry 24pk – Silver Medal (Class 1A – Australian Style Lager) – $35.99 nationally
  • Rivet Lager 24pk – Bronze Medal (Class 1A – Australian Style Lager) – $28.99 NSW/WA / $26.99 VIC
  • Leo Lager 12pk – Bronze Medal (Class 3A – American Style Lager) – $20.99 nationally
  • Cape Cyan Natural Blonde 24pk – Bronze Medal (Class 3B – Low Carb Lager) – $34.99 nationally
  • Roaring Days Brewing Boss’s Boots Australian Pale Ale 12pk – Bronze Medal (Class 8E – International Style Pale Ale) – Available in VIC and WA at $19.99

Award-winning special buys brews (available for a limited time only)

  • Roaring Days Sez You Session Pale Ale 12pk – Bronze Medal (14B – Reduced / Low Alcohol Lager) – $18.99, available in-store now while stocks last
  • Roaring Days Brewing Loaded Dog Ultra Low Alcohol (

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On the huge win, ALDI Buying Director for Beer, Cider, Spirits and RTD’s Paul Handley said:

“We’re absolutely chuffed at our results in this year’s AIBA awards. We’ve always known our beer range is of the highest quality and it’s an honour that the best and brightest in beer judging agree. This recognition is a testament to the incredible work of our supplier partners, keeping our beer range diverse, affordable and delicious for our shoppers.”

Especially in a time like this where folks are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet, it’s nice to see that you can absolutely enjoy a top-quality beer at a cheaper price tag. To quote Kotaku Australia’s editor David Smith, “take that, $20-a-pint craft breweries”.

If you want to learn more about ALDI’s affordable booze options, check out our write up on its wine selection next.

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