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Video: When most people choose a wine, they consider price. While it’s easy to gravitate towards the stuff in boxes at the front of the store, there are affordable gems to be found all around the shop. Such was the case with our Lifehacker staff writer, Alicia, whose expertise in personal finance inclines her toward more sensible purchase options.


Today I'd like to talk to you about the best of warmer weather gimmicks: frozen alcohol. During this time of year, I vacillate wildly between wanting to make and consume all the boozy ice blocks, and railing against the whole genre as a cheap gimmick. ("Just eat a ice blocks and drink a cocktail like an adult," is something I've muttered more than once.)


There's something about bourbon that just screams "party." Whether in an Old Fashioned or rolled into some bourbon balls, the dark, sweet spirit brings cheer to every party and dinner it attends. Your holiday season should contain many bourbon cocktails, yes, but don't overlook the culinary applications of the brown booze.


Working from home is an extremely sweet gig. I don't have to wear real clothing, I alone control the thermostat, and my only physically present coworker is a geriatric spaniel. But a lack of human contact can make one a little weird, so I try to get out and be among the people at least once a day. Most people accomplish this by heading to their nearest cafe; I prefer the bar.


In Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the character of George is haunted by a decades-old memory of accidentally ordering a "Bergin and water" in a crowded pub. While most of us know the difference between bourbon and gin, it's possible you've made a similar faux pas to the sniggers of nearby barflies without even realising it. Here are 20 popular alcoholic beverages that you might be mispronouncing.


If you’re an... enthusiastic drinker, you might have wondered at what point social drinking crosses the line into problem drinking. But if you’re worried, you don’t need to be a falling-down, having-blackouts kind of drinker to seek advice and help.

Alcohol-use disorder (AUD) is a medical issue that falls on a spectrum — you can be on the severe end (falling-down drunk, blackouts, relationship problems) or the mild end (wish you could cut back but are having trouble).


Savoury cocktails are having a moment, but the fancy concoctions you see in magazines always seem to involve three custom infusions and a hand-crafted garnish. If that's not quite your style, check your fridge — you might already have what you need for complex, savoury adult beverages.