This was the only beer I had in my house; please do not assign meaning to it. (Photo: Claire Lower)

Put a Pickle in Your Shitty Beer

Until about five years ago, I was extremely into craft beer, particularly Belgians and anything spontaneously fermented. But somewhere along the line, I developed an allergy (?) or some sort of “condition” that causes me to sneeze every time I drink a beer that is not excessively light in flavour…

What Is Sour Beer And How Is It Made?

What Is Sour Beer And How Is It Made?

There’s a new type of craft beer in town and it’s sure to make you wrinkle your face. It’s sour beer and it’s taking over craft breweries near you, with beer aficionados and beginner drinkers alike enjoying a fresh take on that malty liquid. Here’s what makes a sour beer.

What’s The Most Interesting Bar In Your City?

Every bar should have a “thing.” My very favourite bar, Burp Castle in the East Village of Manhattan, is themed like a monastery; the bartenders wear monks’ robes and gently shush the patrons to keep the noise down. My local Brooklyn bar, High Dive, isn’t quite so distinctive, but it…