6 Easy-to-Use Vacuum Sealers Under $100 That Will Cut Down on Food Waste

6 Easy-to-Use Vacuum Sealers Under $100 That Will Cut Down on Food Waste
Image: Food Saver Instagram
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Whether you’ve got a passion for home cooking, or are simply trying to better preserve your leftovers, a food vacuum sealer might be the next kitchen appliance you need on your countertop.

Commonly referred to as vacuum packers (you’ve probably seen the clothes versions all over organised peoples Instagrams), a food vacuum sealer is a kitchen appliance that’s used to remove air from packaging and then seal the contents freshly inside, making it harder for bacteria to thrive. Essentially giving your food longer shelf life compared to your usual Tupperware/glad wrap situation.

Food vacuum sealers have become increasingly popular in recent times, not only because of their affordability (you can score a good one for under $100) but because of the way they can help you organise your meals if you’re time-poor or prefer to buy in bulk.

Vacuum packaging is ideal for a range of different meats, vegetables, curries and soups — or pretty much any kind of meal prep that you’d usually store in the fridge or freezer. They’re also excellent for Sous Vide (a style of cooking where you boil food in the packaging in a pot).

There are a few different types of food vacuum sealers on the market — a handheld food vacuum sealer works in conjunction with specially designed zip lock bags. An external vacuum sealer whereby the machine then suctions the air out of the storage bag and then a seal bar melts the plastic bag shut to seal the contents inside.

And a chamber vacuum sealers, which is typically used in a commercial food setting as you can place the entire bag inside the machine with the opening of the bag placed across the seal bar and close the lid.

Ahead, we unpack the best external food vacuum sealers, since they’re the most household kitchen-friendly ones you can buy online.

FoodSaver VS4500 was $119, now $99 (save $20)

The FoodSaver VS4500 is probably one of the most user-friendly food vacuum sealers with a one-touch locking lever and one-touch Seal or Vacuum Seal button control. It also includes an accessory hose adaptor so you can use the vacuum seal FoodSaver containers and FoodSaver zipper bags.

Buy the FoodSaver VS4500 (now $99) from Amazon here. 

AUSELECT Vacuum Sealer was $69.99, now $49.99 (save $20.00)

If you love buying in bulk to save money (hi, me) you need a food vacuum sealer like the AUSELECT Vacuum Sealer. It’s easy to use and has a 4 and a half star rating on Amazon! 

Buy the AUSELECT Vacuum Sealer (now $49.99) from Amazon here.

INKBIRD Vacuum Sealer $92.99

This food vacuum sealer from INKBIRD will keep your food fresher for up to 5 times longer than your usual storage methods. The food saver vacuum sealer provides 2 different vacuuming modes so you can choose an appropriate mode depending on the food. 

Buy the INKBIRD Vacuum Sealer ($92.99) from Amazon here.

GERYON Vacuum Sealer $84.98

Meal prep just got easier with the GERYON Food vacuum sealer. It removes air from specially designed bags so you can store food easily, prevent freezer burn and reduce food waste. 

Buy the GERYON Vacuum Sealer ($84.98) from Amazon here. 

Russell Hobbs RHVS1 Seal Fresh Vacuum Sealer $109.95

If you’re looking for a food saver vacuum sealer that is compact, easy to use and has a sleek design, this one from Russell Hobbs is it. 

Buy the Russell Hobbs RHVS1 Seal Fresh Vacuum Sealer ($109.95) from Amazon here.

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