Build A Homemade Vacuum Sealer With Just A Few Dollars Worth Of Parts

Vacuum sealers make it possible to keep your food in airtight packages, extending its freezer storage lifetime. This DIY vacuum sealer tool will work with Ziploc-style bags and is pretty cheap to build.

Store bought vacuum sealers will usually cost you at least $US20 or so, but this simple hand pump concept from Instructables user MadScienceHacks won’t cost you much at all. To build it, you’ll need a large syringe, some freezer bags to the food in, and some aquarium valves and tubing. If you’re not sure where to get the valves, check your local pet store and they can probably set you up.

Once you have it all put together, you can toss some food in a bag, suck all the air out and tape over the small hole you had to make. Check out the complete guide and parts list at the link below.

$US2 Vacuum Sealer Life Hack [Instructables]


  • Seems like a lot of hassle.

    I just submerse the bag (with food in it) in a sink or bowl of water until all but the last corner (which is still unsealed) is sticking out. Then close it up. Not quite a perfect vacuum, but probably just as good as you’d get with this contraption, and a lot less effort.

  • Comparing this troublesome method, I love vacuum sealer because of the amazing preservation of food it offers. I purchased from crazysales and use it to preserve left-overs or keep vegetables fresh.

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