Planhacker: Telstra Network’s Cheapest Sim-Only Phone Plans

Planhacker: Telstra Network’s Cheapest Sim-Only Phone Plans
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Telstra is often referred to as Australian’s best mobile network, but that privilege typically comes at a price.

However, Big T’s reputation as a premium provider doesn’t mean there aren’t a few more affordable ways to sidle onto an otherwise expensive network; there are now a number of MVNOs powered by the Telstra network, all of which get you the coverage you crave without breaking the bank.

Here are some of our favourite Telstra-powered SIM-only plans.

Telstra network plans with 30GB of data or more

One of the best value SIM-only plans on the Telstra network comes from numobile. You’ll pay $30 per month for 30GB. $1 per gigabyte is excellent at this price point for a Telstra MVNO.

Boost Mobile isn’t bad either, offering 35GB on its $30 recharge. Just be aware that your 35GB allowance only lasts for your thirst three recharges with Boost, after which your allowance drops down to 20GB. But since Boost plans are all prepaid, you’re always able to leave when your bonus data runs out. Boost recharges are sold on a 28-day basis, which means you’ll need to top up 13 times per year.

Alternatively, you could grab a similar deal with Pennytel where 30GB will set you back $32.99 on a contract-free basis.

If you need a little more data, you could go for Belong’s 40GB plan for $40. Belong is Telstra’s budget brand – a diet Telstra, if you will – and offers no frills plans with better bang-for-buck. You won’t get the same kind of extras as you do on Telstra itself, but for comparison, Telstra is charging $55 per month for the same allowance.

Telstra network plans with 50GB of data or more

If you need even more data, it’s worth looking at some of these plans. An immediate standout is once again numobile, who offers 50GB for $45 per month on a contract-free plan. TeleChoice will do 55GB for the same price, but you’ll need to commit to a 12-month contract.

One of the most impressive Telstra deals around right now actually comes from Big T itself. The telco has slashed $50 per month from its $115 plan with 180GB, bringing it down to $65 per month. You’ll only get your discounted rate for your first year on the plan, but you’re always able to change plans or leave when your 12 months are up.

Telstra network plans with 5GB of data or more

If you’re looking for a Telstra powered plan with smaller inclusions, you should be considering either Pennytel or ALD. Pennytel gets you 15GB for $24.99 per month on a contract-free postpaid basis, while ALDI gets you 18GB for $25 on a prepaid basis. Both are great deals – ALDI offers slightly better value – but some may prefer a postpaid plan to prepaid.

Cheaper plans are available from the likes of Boost and Woolworths, but when it comes to these, you’re spending $20 per recharge for a somewhat paltry 5GB allowance.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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  • All of the Telstra resellers except Boost have access only to a portion of the Telstra network so coverage isn’t as good as with Telstra itself – even Telstra’s own subsidiary Belong. The exception is Boost which has access to the whole of Telstra’s 4G coverage area.

    Also, regards Telstra as well as Boost, if a Credit Card is setup in the Account to make automatic monthly payments then the “28 days” is automatically stretched to 30-31 days at no extra charge, so 12 yearly payments not 13. Not sure about the other resellers.

    Why is this information not in the article?

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