MATE’s Refreshed Mobile Plans Give You More Value and a Year of Tidal, Free

MATE’s Refreshed Mobile Plans Give You More Value and a Year of Tidal, Free
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As far as telcos go, MATE has built a reputation of offering decently valued plans that include a good chunk of mobile data with fairly low monthly costs.

The value of these plans has just increased, as MATE has recently refreshed its entire line of SIM-only mobile plans – which are powered by the Telstra network – while also introducing a brand new 70GB plan.

On top of these newly refreshed SIM plans that offer more monthly data, MATE is also offering a new data rollover feature and a bonus Tidal subscription.

You can check out these updated mobile plans and the extra perks you can get with them below.

MATE’s refreshed SIM-only plans

So what’s changed? Previously, the $20/month plan included 8GB of data, while the $25/month plan offered 18GB. The newly refreshed versions of these plans are still the same monthly price, but you’ll get an extra 2GB of mobile data.

The $20 plan is now the cheapest plan with 10GB of data on the Telstra network.

This is also the first time MATE has offered the new $50/month plan, which includes 70GB of data.

MATE is now offering a data banking feature, where any unused mobile data will roll over each month, and be stored for later use. Depending on the SIM plan you take, you can store from 150GB up to 400GB worth of mobile data.

On top of all this, MATE will provide you with a voucher code that will give you a 12-month Tidal Premium music subscription for free (valued at $11.99/month). This offer isn’t valid for the $20/month plan.

Save an extra $10 each month with an NBN plan

If you sign up for one of MATE’s NBN plans, your monthly internet bill will be discounted by $10. In terms of typical evening speeds, MATE’s NBN plans sit around the average for most connections. If you’re someone who needs fastest possible internet, you might want to give these a miss.

MATE’s NBN plans also sit in the average price range for each connection tier, so that extra $10 discount could go a long way for you if you’re looking for something cheaper.

This discount lasts for as long as you’ve got both an NBN and mobile plan from Mate. You can check out a few of MATE’s NBN plans below, and see how the provider compares to other NBN connections in this recent roundup.

Other mobile plans on the Telstra network

Below is how MATE’s plans compare to other plans on the Telstra network that have at least 20GB of data.

With this refreshed plan, MATE’s 20GB is now the cheapest within this range, alongside Belong which offers the same amount of data for the same monthly price.

If you want a plan with extra data for a few dollars more, Boost will give you an extra 20GB of mobile data on your first three recharges. These recharges are $30 each and bring the total data allowance up to 40GB.

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