Telstra Has A Killer Deal On SIM-Only Plans Right Now

Telstra Has A Killer Deal On SIM-Only Plans Right Now
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For a limited time, Telstra is offering SIM-only plans with 60GB of data for just $49 per month. That’s one of the best deals we’ve seen from the telco in a long while – and a great excuse to swap providers if you’re using a flakey MVNO. Here are the inclusions!

First, a caveat: the $49 deal is only available to users who are new to Tesltra. Recontracting customers will need to pay $59 per month instead. That’s still an okayish deal – you’re saving $10 per month on Telstra’s usual 60GB pricing.

The plan includes Teltra’s ‘peace of mind’ data guarantee in the unlikely event that you go over your allowance. You also get unlimited international talk and text to 15 countries.

Click on the interactive table below for the full list of inclusions:

Needless to say, this deal is only worth considering if you plan to chug through lots of data each month. For light users, there are plenty of cheaper options available – both from Telstra and elsewhere.

The deal is only available until December 19.

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  • Why would you? $41.50 for 80GB at Optus at the moment for new AND existing customers! Any they also brought back the $0 TV streaming and Music streaming!!! I just changed my wife to it!!!

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