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Public Wi-Fi used to be a lifesaver, something that let you escape the misery of poor reception to quickly contact friends or stay organised throughout the day.

But it's also a gigantic security risk. People still rely on public hotspots around the country though, because an exposed connection to the internet that works is preferable to poor reception or no reception at all. Something that might help change that, however, is 5G.


For a while, it seemed like Telstra plans were moving in the right direction. Prices were creeping down, and the value creeping up. But recently Telstra shifted direction again, and we're back to looking for cheaper alternatives.


Yesterday, JB Hi-Fi snatched the crown for Australia's stealthiest mobile plan launch, releasing two BYO offers with nary a whisper. Only available in-store, you won't find mention of them anywhere on JB's website. You can, however, read about them right here.


The ACCC has put telcos on notice in a year where it feels like it's had to pull them up on misleading advertising every week. Its latest salvo warns companies to make sure their advertising is clear and not misleading - threatening vastly increased penalties for companies that mess up.


A new research report by Deloitte has found that 5G technology will contribute to $50 billion to Australia’s economic growth through increased productivity, workforce participation and new business opportunities. With mobile tech already increasing the Aussie economy by 2%, recent forecasts by the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research put the benefits of 5G to Australia’s GDP at up to $2,000 per person, or between $32 billion and $50 billion, by 2030.


The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are almost here - and you can sign up for one with an Australian telco right now. If you live in a regional area or like the peace of mind that comes from being on Australia's largest mobile network, you're going to want to go with a Telstra plan. Here are all the Telstra plans for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max!


5G offers much faster download speeds by using higher frequencies. However, the trade-off is signals can't reach as far. Previous mobile standards were designed for more densely populated regions like Europe and the US, but when applied to Australia they can mean sparse coverage for our far-flung population. In short, long-range 5G standards need to be adopted to ensure we get decent coverage across the country.


Moving house is a time of excitement. But it can also be a time of great stress. As someone who works from home much of the time, a smooth move is critical as every day that I spend messing around shifting boxes, furniture and services is a day when I'm not working and not earning any money. I thought I had everything planned perfectly. And then I wanted an Internet connection.


Australia is one step closer to having its first 5G mobile service. Today, Telstra switched on 5G technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast. Here are the details.


If you fancy a shiny new Galaxy Note9, Telstra is offering some pretty sweet deals. Along with the Note9, which comes with 512GB of storage for the price of 128GB, Telstra is throwing in a Galaxy Tab A at no extra cost. The device is being offered under Telstra's new plans, which aim to simplify life for consumers.


Telstra's Blue Tick certifies that mobile handsets conform to a set of standards the carrier says ensures you get the best possible coverage on their network. And while many popular handsets offer that certification, one flagship handset doesn't. Apple's iPhone X is not listed among Telstra's Blue Tick certified handsets.


Telstra kicked off its T22 strategy this week launching a bunch of new plans, including an unlimited data behemoth, and introducing its new 'Peace of Mind' data bolt on, designed to save you from excess data usage fees.

The Peace of Mind Data add-on costs $10 per month and is available for all post-paid mobile plans, except the unlimited plan, which doesn't need the option. Once activated, your data service is throttled to 1.5Mbps when you hit your data limits, rather than paying $10 per extra gigabyte of data they use before the end of the month.