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For a limited time, Telstra is offering SIM-only plans with 60GB of data for just $49 per month. That's one of the best deals we've seen from the telco in a long while - and a great excuse to swap providers if you're using a flakey MVNO. Here are the inclusions!


Telstra has demonstrated the capability of their new 5G network in a trial using the HTC 5G Hub mobile smart device. Although the company had previously shown off some the 5G network's capability using prototype devices, this was the first trial of a commercially available device in Australia. The HTC 5G Hub will be available next year but other devices will take some time to filter into the market.


After a phone plan that's a little more than just a phone plan? There's plenty of choices if all you want is talk, text, and data, but some telcos are now offering a whole lot more. Here's a few of our favourite bonuses that you can get with a new phone plan right now.


There are two types of systems; those that have failed and those that will fail. And it seems that the country's largest telco, Telstra, has been "blessed" with both sorts. Over the weekend, Telstra suffered yet another embarrassing outage. The company's machine-to-machine network, that supports EFTPOS services, ATMs and prisoner monitoring devices went down.


Telstra customers can keep using both their home phone and internet during fixed-line broadband outages, as the telco unveils its next generation modem. The Smart Modem Gen 2 will use Telstra's 4G mobile network to supply internet and phone calls in the event of an outage, at no extra cost.


Public Wi-Fi used to be a lifesaver, something that let you escape the misery of poor reception to quickly contact friends or stay organised throughout the day.

But it's also a gigantic security risk. People still rely on public hotspots around the country though, because an exposed connection to the internet that works is preferable to poor reception or no reception at all. Something that might help change that, however, is 5G.


For a while, it seemed like Telstra plans were moving in the right direction. Prices were creeping down, and the value creeping up. But recently Telstra shifted direction again, and we're back to looking for cheaper alternatives.


Yesterday, JB Hi-Fi snatched the crown for Australia's stealthiest mobile plan launch, releasing two BYO offers with nary a whisper. Only available in-store, you won't find mention of them anywhere on JB's website. You can, however, read about them right here.


The ACCC has put telcos on notice in a year where it feels like it's had to pull them up on misleading advertising every week. Its latest salvo warns companies to make sure their advertising is clear and not misleading - threatening vastly increased penalties for companies that mess up.


A new research report by Deloitte has found that 5G technology will contribute to $50 billion to Australia’s economic growth through increased productivity, workforce participation and new business opportunities. With mobile tech already increasing the Aussie economy by 2%, recent forecasts by the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research put the benefits of 5G to Australia’s GDP at up to $2,000 per person, or between $32 billion and $50 billion, by 2030.


The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are almost here - and you can sign up for one with an Australian telco right now. If you live in a regional area or like the peace of mind that comes from being on Australia's largest mobile network, you're going to want to go with a Telstra plan. Here are all the Telstra plans for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max!