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Australia is one step closer to having its first 5G mobile service. Today, Telstra switched on 5G technology across selected areas of the Gold Coast. Here are the details.


If you fancy a shiny new Galaxy Note9, Telstra is offering some pretty sweet deals. Along with the Note9, which comes with 512GB of storage for the price of 128GB, Telstra is throwing in a Galaxy Tab A at no extra cost. The device is being offered under Telstra's new plans, which aim to simplify life for consumers.


Telstra's Blue Tick certifies that mobile handsets conform to a set of standards the carrier says ensures you get the best possible coverage on their network. And while many popular handsets offer that certification, one flagship handset doesn't. Apple's iPhone X is not listed among Telstra's Blue Tick certified handsets.


Telstra kicked off its T22 strategy this week launching a bunch of new plans, including an unlimited data behemoth, and introducing its new 'Peace of Mind' data bolt on, designed to save you from excess data usage fees.

The Peace of Mind Data add-on costs $10 per month and is available for all post-paid mobile plans, except the unlimited plan, which doesn't need the option. Once activated, your data service is throttled to 1.5Mbps when you hit your data limits, rather than paying $10 per extra gigabyte of data they use before the end of the month.


Slowly but surely, Telstra is shedding its premium pricing position. There's still a long way to go before you'd consider Telstra plans cheap, but there are a few standout options that are certainly good value, like its Mx online only plan, and a number of its prepaid options.


Telstra has announced a massive tranche of changes to the company's structure and operations. And while the news is really terrible for the 8000 employees who will see their jobs disappear, there's also the broader impact to the rest of the community. The vast majority of Telstra's phone and internet plans are set to be permanently "retired". Here's what this means for existing customers.


Telstra is in a bit of a crisis mode. With its share price tumbling to a five-year low, a decline in mobile and fixed line revenues and ongoing issues with its network, it has become clear that a change is in order. That change came today, with Telstra CEO Andy Penn announcing the "Telstra2022" initiative.

In short, this is a major restructuring of the company that will see the creation of a new infrastructure business, a simplification of Telstra's product offerings and the axing of 8000 jobs. Here's what you need to know.


Most businesses have disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Often, they are baked into the design of systems so, if something goes wrong, another system picks up the load and things keep running, more or less, as designed. If you think about a modern passenger jet, there are lots of redundant systems so it's highly unlikely the failure of a single part causes a disaster. Telstra's recent season of outages continued yesterday with a problem that knocked out much of their phone and data network. But should the outage have been avoidable?


Yesterday, thousands of Telstra customers were stranded without access to mobile voice or data for nearly five hours. It was the third outage affecting Telstra services this month. Now, the beleaguered telco has released a statement explaining what went wrong.