38 Ways Dog Ownership Improves Your Life [Infographic]

Dogs are widely regarded to make the best pets — they're protective, affectionate and loyal to a fault. But did you know they have the potential to improve everything from your blood pressure to your sex life? This infographic explains all the ways canine companionship can make you a healthier and happier person.

Photo: Village Roadshow

The infographic below comes from The Dog Training Secret and is based on a range of journalistic sources. If you're trying to convince your parents or significant other to adopt a dog, some of these talking points might help to convince them. If you already own a dog, send this to a cat owner: you know you want to.

38 Benefits Of Owning A Dog [The Dog Training Secret]


    39. Developing impressive rationalization skills as you try to contort logic and reason to come up with ways of avoiding the reality that life would've been even better if you owned a cat instead of a dog.

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