How to Keep Your Pets Safe on the Road [Infographic]

With restrictions easing in some parts of the country, many Aussies will be planning holiday drives in the months ahead. If you’re bringing a furry friend along for the ride, there are some health and safety issues you need to be aware of. This infographic from Holden goes through the basics.

Most motor vehicles aren’t designed to transport animals. This can make extended road trips tricky for dog and cat owners. If you don’t take the right precautions, your pet could end up dead or seriously injured. They can also inadvertently cause car accidents if you don’t restrain them properly.

The infographic below provides some basic travel safety tips that pet owners need to know about. In addition, Holden has provided the following strategies to ensure you all get to your destination in one piece (with tails a-wagging and voice boxes a-purring.)

Prep your pet(s)

“Many dogs have tendencies to get carsick, so do not feed your fury friend 3 hours prior to leaving and until you arrive at your destination. If your puppy does not get sick, a few treats on the trip will keep them entertained. Don’t forget to keep your pet’s collar with identification info (your phone number) on the tag at all times. It’s also a good idea to travel with your pet’s up-to-date vet records in case of emergencies, too.

“Depending on the size of your dog, make sure to put their bed in the backseat, so you can keep them secure by using a dog seat belt – also making sure he is comfortable and encouraged to sleep.”

Prep the car

“If you don’t have a car with durable fabric, remember animals tend to shed a bit when they are nervous, so keep them in their bed, on the seat or on a mat. Don’t forget some extra paper towels or pet wipes in case there is an accident. Bottled water and a portable water bowl are also necessary. You could travel with a small cooler filled with fresh dog food, as well as treats, favourite ball and a bone to chew, and fit this between the seats of the car.”

Plan your stay

“Plan your trip ahead and book a pet friendly hotel or Airbnb that’s along the way to your destination. Many places do allow pets to accompany you into the rooms, with small rules, such as no pets on the bed.”

Check your pet after the trip

“If you have been in the bush or near parklands, always check for ticks and parasites before heading back home. Especially during tick season: spring, summer and autumn (year-round in warmer climates). Read more about how to check for ticks on Bravecto.”

[Via Holden]

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