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You shouldn't give your dog your leftover chicken bones because they can break into splinters. You shouldn't give them large raw bones because they can be full of germs (and if they weren't at first, they will be once your dog has dragged them all over the yard). Now, more bad news: The FDA says store-bought dog bone treats are dangerous, too.


When I was 11, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Playing with animals all day seemed like a fun gig. Around this time, Billy Joel released the pop-rap song "We Didn't Start The Fire". In it, Mr Joel barks through a litany of horrible events that occurred in the 20th Century, at one point rhyming "foreign debts" and "Bernie Goetz" with "homeless vets". When I heard that, I thought, Oh no! I don't want to be a homeless veterinarian!


GoGetMe's subscription dog box arrived in a striking and sturdy yellow tube, topped with a thick rope handle. The side of the tube lists suggestions for the use of the box, including playing tug, storing dog treats and storing human things. I'm not sure I'd want to store human things in a box that smells faintly of dog treats, but GoGetMe is all about trying new things.


The one time I really tend to wish my pets could talk is when they're sick. Pet illnesses can seem so vague and amorphous, sometimes - a little puking here, some weird lethargy there - and it can be hard to tell the difference between a little under the weather and the start of a serious problem.


The baby of the bunch, subscription dog box service Golden Swag was founded last year by Rebecca Lindsay, and is run with help from her dogs Malley and Moose. Located on the Gold Coast, it is the only subscription dog box specifically curated for one particular breed – golden retrievers. Of course, this doesn’t stop other medium to large dogs from enjoying it as well.

I was mildly sceptical of this box when I first heard of it. Founded last year, run by one person, and specialised toward a single breed? It seemed like a venture too small and specialised to last. But upon receiving the box, I was happily surprised by its presentation and quality.


If you're looking up subscription box services targeted at dog owners, chances are Olly's Box is the first one you’ll find. Based in Brisbane, Olly's Box was founded in 2013, making it one of the oldest such services in Australia, as well as one of the largest. It is like the Woolworths of subscription dog box services – the big, well-known standard.


Should your dog sleep in bed with you? It's a contentious question. Even a small dog can take up a lot of bed space, and some trainers will say that having your dog sleep in a crate or in their own bed sets an important boundary that helps their behaviour. But on the other hand: the snuggles.

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An emerging trend among pet owners is the practice of feeding dogs and cats raw meat. This idea is that we should put our domestic cats and dogs on diets that more closely approximate what they might eat in nature. New research from Europe shows the surprising degree to which germs and parasites can be found in commercial raw-meat products - posing potential health risks to both pets and their owners.


I've been blessed (or cursed?) in life with an exceptionally intelligent terrier named Tucker. He has a ton of food allergies, so he has to eat this special dog food with no wheat or chicken products, and years ago we settled on buying him the salmon flavour. Six months or so ago, tragedy struck our household when the store temporarily ran out of his go-to bag. Being naive, I grabbed a bag of white fish food in the same brand instead. Fish is fish, right? NO. No, it isn't.


Service dogs have an important job to do, but that doesn't make them any less cute. If you want to say hello to or pat a service dog, follow these guidelines to greet them the right way.