Top 5 Apps To Supercharge Your Business

Your smartphone can be used for much more than just calls, texts, emails and games. Install these apps to improve your business and save time.

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Evernote lifts the process of taking notes to a whole new level. Use it to store anything you want to remember or might find useful in the future, and you can easily search for that information from any device where you've installed Evernote. It syncs effortlessly and automatically converts writing in images into searchable text. The basic Evernote app is very powerful, and you can enhance it further with add-ons.

Download Evernote: Android, iOS


Store files in Dropbox and they're instantly available from any device — laptop, tablet or phone. As well as providing a basic automated backup service, that ensures you can get at the crucial data you need at any time and securely share information with others. Dropbox's simplicity and reliability have given it a healthy lead in the cloud storage space, and you can improve it even more with downloads and extensions. It's available in both consumer and business versions, and you can run both on the same device if you wish.

Download Dropbox: Android, iOS


Staying organised is essential for any business. There are lots of good choices for to-do list managers (check our our Hive Five roundup for a more complete selection), but we're singling out Wunderlist here because it works on so many different platforms, including a webapp you can use anywhere. If you have more complex to-do needs, there's also a Pro version available.

Download Wunderlist: Android, iOS

Google Maps

If you need to get from A to B, Google Maps remains the best way to do it. Not only does it offer accurate directions for driving, walking and public transport, it also provides information on your destination. While the built-in Apple Maps on iOS has improved somewhat since its disastrous initial launch, we've no hesitation in suggesting Google Maps for both iOS and Android users.

Download Google Maps: Android, iOS


Pocket lets you easily bookmark articles from around the web and save them for reading later: a clever way to make sure you stay on top of key business trends without being constantly distracted. Set a time in your calendar for catch-up reading and you'll easily keep informed. Once you've mastered the basics, check out our guide to using Pocket like a pro.

Download Pocket: Android, iOS

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    I disagree with Google Maps being the best. I find Nokia Drive better due to the offline maps feature so you don't use your phones download data quota but as always, programmes for phones are based on personal experiences, likes and dislikes. Each to their own I say :-)

      Google Maps has offline maps as well.

        I've never seen that option for Google Maps. Is this something that is very recently new?

          Hidden feature now. Kinda.

          a) Long press on map and save for offline.
          b) or type OK Google into search box when over the area you want.

          Do B first.

            So it's not really an easily found or known feature of Google Maps? Does it allow you to download a country's map like Nokia Drive does? I've always known Google to never offer that feature, if they did then they would have killed all GPS Nav units being sold and no doubt killed TomTom and other companies

              Can only download a certain section of the map. I couldn't download all of Japan, for example.. it'd have to be done manually in sections.

                So for someone like myself who doesn't want to continue using mobile download quota, the Nokia Drive programme is the better option. Still comes down to personal experience and all that. I'm still happy

      You use Windows Phones for business?

        Pretty much all executives I know in Govt Departments are now being issued Windows Phones. They come with office, and can be locked down for enterprise while staying open for personal use. Unlike blackberry where they were just locked down too far to the point of being a work tool only.

        I've used iPhone, Android before and now WP 8 and WP8.1. I found the WP8 phone more in tuned with what I require out of a mobile phone with a refreshing and fast interface too. :-)

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