Dropbox For Business Can Now Run Alongside Personal Dropbox Accounts

Dropbox For Business Can Now Run Alongside Personal Dropbox Accounts

Many of us use our own personal Dropbox accounts for work purposes, which can become fiddly if your workplace implements the corporate Dropbox for Business solution. A handy new upgrade now means you can have both running on the same device.

As the official Dropbox blog explains, you can now link your personal account to your business account, allowing you to access both while keeping data in distinct silos. The enhanced business service also offers remote wipe, so you can delete Dropbox data from misplaced devices. The upgrade is being gradually rolled out from this month.

This isn’t business as usual [The Dropbox Blog]


  • If anyone is looking for a cloud storage option that has more space than the basic Dropbox account, works seamlessly across all devices and has very easy to use interface, check out Copy instead: https://copy.com/?r=s7nc0m I switched over to Copy from Dropbox bc Dropbox doesn’t provide a lot of storage space and you don’t get much bang for your buck. Copy will give you 15 GB free cloud storage to start with and an extra 5 GB when using the above link. I found the link online and it gave me an extra 5 GB but using the main site didn’t. Not sure what’s so special about the link but it worked for me 🙂

    • Most likely, someone is making money from that clicked link, or gaining storage space for X number of clicks. Worst case, you get targeted for some ad campaign of some kind.

      • Doesn’t bother me if someone gets a bit of extra storage space if it gives me extra as well 🙂 I’ve seen these links all over the place. Even if they are referral links, everyone gets larger cloud stage amounts in the end 🙂
        I haven’t received any emails, marketing, spam etc. since I used it awhile ago. It’s purely for account creation for the site. It worked for me… I just wanted to share the love.

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