Telstra Business Data Sharing Is A Bit Less Of A Rort

When Telstra launched its consumer business data sharing plans last year, we were underwhelmed, largely because of the $10 per device per month fee to share data across multiple devices. Telstra is now offering that option on new EasyShare business plans, and it’s marginally better value.

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The big difference is that the $10 per month charge for any data sharing is only applied to the cheapest plan ($65 a month with a phone or $55 a month without). All the other plans give you one additional SIM for data sharing free of charge. That’s an improvement for individual subscribers (who typically might want to share data between a phone and tablet), but you’ll still have to pay $10 a month if you want additional devices included on the plan.

It could be tempting for a business to have multiple SIMs for use in mobile devices if it weren’t for Telstra’s stingy data allowances and high prices — 3GB a month is the highest on offer, and that comes with the $135 a month plan. Optus’ data sharing plans, announced yesterday, offer 5GB of data for $60.

One interesting tweak to the Telstra business plans: an additional 25GB of data in the first month, designed to help when you’re setting up and patching a new phone. That’s a useful move, though we’d still advise using Wi-Fi to do major updates if you have a reasonable connection.


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