Top 10 Most Popular IKEA Hacks Ever

Last week, we reported on IKEA's bone-headed decision to send a cease-and-desist letter to IKEAhackers. The creators of the popular DIY site have been ordered to give up the 'IKEAhackers' name and cease all forms of advertising on their website. While the writing's not on the wall just yet (especially after a partial backdown by IKEA), we thought we'd take the opportunity to pay our respects. Here are the ten most popular IKEA hacks of all time on our website — from $5 bike racks to makeshift chicken coops.

#10 Bargain-Priced DIY IKEA Bike Rack

If you want a real bargain basement option, you can rig up some bike storage using a pair of $5 Kvartal wall fittings.


#9 DIY IKEA Chicken Coop

At IKEA Hacker, Aaron Bell details the construction of a chicken coop using a bunk bed, storage unit and a bottle rack. (IKEA doesn't seem to sell the specific bunk bed Aaron used any more, but the plan could easily be adapted with any slat-based bed.)


#8 Build A DIY Wide, Adjustable Height IKEA Standing Desk On The Cheap

If you're looking for a cheap standing desk but not yet ready to commit, this is a great option. If you decide it's not for you, you can just adjust the legs to bring the desk down to a normal level instead.


#7 DIY IKEA Xbox Steering Wheel

IKEA Hacker details how Alejandro rigged up a custom driving seat and stand for his Xbox steering wheel, using the $49.99 Dave laptop table and $9.99 Brada laptop support from IKEA. There's nothing more complicated involved than drilling a hole, and while Alejandro paired the result with an IKEA chair, it would work with pretty much any seat you already have.


#6 Build yourself an IKEA headphone stand

Wiretap at IKEA Hacker details how to build your own stand using some basic IKEA parts. A quick calculation suggests the parts will cost around $56 at your local branch.


#5 DIY IKEA Bike Rack

The IKEA Hacker weblog demonstrates how to turn a few relatively cheap items from IKEA into an attractive, apartment-friendly bike rack. The IKEA goods will still set you back around $40, but the actual project shouldn't take much time at all and the results are certainly impressive.


#4 A Bargain DIY IKEA Standing Desk

The benefit of this build is you have the correct heights for ergonomic standing desk use, the build is very sturdy, the desk is very spacious and there is heaps of storage in the shelves underneath.


#3 Turn An IKEA Shelving Unit Into A Window Seat

If you have a window in need of some accompanying book-friendly furniture, this tutorial will show you how to turn an IKEA bookcase into a sturdy window seat with lots of book storage built in.


#2 $6 IKEA Coat Rack Offers Solid Cable Management

Turn an inexpensive coat-hanger rack into a simple and streamlined cord management solution.


#1 DIY IKEA Room Divider

At IKEA Hacker, Andrew details via a series of photos how he used two $60 Stolmen posts as the basis for a full-on room divider. It's not a casual project, but the end result is very impressive.

So there you have it. Much to our own surprise, the most viewed IKEA Hack on our website turned out to be a video tutorial for a room divider. I guess a lot of our readers must be living in studio apartments or shared accommodations. Go figure.



    The Ikea bike rack costs a lot more than $40 in Australia. I made one and its awesome.

    They should change their name to HACKEA

    Why is it that every time I find a nice computer table cable management solution, the item is invariably no longer sold by ikea anymore? Does anybody have ideas using stuff ikea still sells to hide cables around the back?

    SIGNUM Cable trunking

    What about the LackRack?

    Especially when you paid $12 for the headphones.

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