DIY IKEA Xbox Steering Wheel

For dedicated driving game fanatics, a permanently mounted steering wheel is very appealing. You can spend a fortune on a custom-designed mount, or you can throw your own together with some basic IKEA furniture for $60.

IKEA Hacker details how Alejandro rigged up a custom driving seat and stand for his Xbox steering wheel, using the $49.99 Dave laptop table and $9.99 Brada laptop support from IKEA. There's nothing more complicated involved than drilling a hole, and while Alejandro paired the result with an IKEA chair, it would work with pretty much any seat you already have.

Xbox Wheel Hack [IKEA Hacker]


    I am so doing this for Logitech G25/G27 for the PS3 / PC when GT5 comes out in March.

    Fantastic idea. I was sourcing for a foldable racer chair that cost more than 100 quid, but this solution will save me £ and make the wife happy. Cheers.

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