Bargain-Priced DIY IKEA Bike Rack

We've featured a DIY IKEA bike rack, which was impressive but not super-cheap. If you want a real bargain basement option, you can rig up some bike storage using a pair of $5 Kvartal wall fittings.

As Tom at IKEA Hackers details, just fix the two fittings upside down on your wall and use them to mount the handlebars of your bike. Just make sure you measure carefully before mounting them, and use proper fittings to avoid wall collapse catastrophes.

Ikea's Kvartal - A super-easy bike rack [IKEA Hackers]


    Or you could just get one of these, designed to hold bikes:

    Can be had for $5 when on Special at Torpedo 7. Howard's Storage World also sell them.

    Jase, nice find there, but the original posting stores the bike in a completely different way, both seem to be good examples.

      Completely different way? Both allow you to hang the bike vertically on the wall. The only difference is whether the wheels are facing inwards or outwards...

      I would argue that inwards would also be easier in terms of mounting. The example in this article would require you to handle the bike by it's wheels or the down tube...awkward.

    bunnings sell a pretty good wall-mounted rack for about $12 or $13. It stores the bike horizontally by hooking under the crossbar rather than hooking the wheel

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