DIY IKEA Room Divider

Constructing a room divider is always a tricky feat, especially if you're renting and don't want to leave any permanent marks behind. One clever hacker managed that trick using a couple of poles from IKEA.

At IKEA Hacker, Andrew details via a series of photos how he used two $60 Stolmen posts as the basis for a full-on room divider. It's not a casual project, but the end result is very impressive.

Stolmen Post Room Divider [IKEA Hacker]


    If it's not YouTube, it doesn't exist..

    Heya, I'm looking for a solution to partition my rented hall w/o causing much issues and this is a brilliant solution. Can you let me know what parts to get from IKEA? Is the screen from IKEA as well. Much appreciated.

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