Turn An IKEA Shelving Unit Into A Window Seat

If you have a window in need of some accompanying book-friendly furniture, this tutorial will show you how to turn an IKEA bookcase into a sturdy window seat with lots of book storage built in.

Instructables user randofo brought two Gorm shelving units home from IKEA, but one of them was a little crooked. Rather than go through the hassle of taking it back, he made some quick modifications to it and turned it into a sturdy window seat with a bunch of book storage space underneath.

Check out the full tutorial at Instructables for additional information and pictures. Have a furniture hack — IKEA-related or otherwise — to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Convert a Gorm Shelving Unit into a Bookshelf Bench [via Make]


    Have thought of trying something similar with an aquarium stand thats no longer used.....

    What a great use of shelving! It looks great!

    Sometimes you do not need to spend unnecessarily on a new piece of furniture but instead just use some of your creative juices to transform your existing one into something else. I have never thought of tilting a bookshelf sideways and turning it into a bench which I think is very clever.

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