DIY IKEA Chicken Coop

ikeachooksWe've told you before how to rent chooks complete with a coop, but if you need to build a home for your feathered friends, it turns out you can pretty much get all the components at IKEA.

At IKEA Hacker, Aaron Bell details the construction of a chicken coop using a bunk bed, storage unit and a bottle rack. It's probably not an option for the casual DIY-er, but it's a neat demonstration of imaginative reuse in action. (IKEA doesn't seem to sell the specific bunk bed Aaron used any more, but the plan could easily be adapted with any slat-based bed.)

Ikea home for chicks [IKEA Hacker]


    I have a couple of chooks from Rentachook. I built my own coop tho. I think everybody should keep chooks. Bloody easy, free eggs, free fertilizer, free vegie waste removal, why wouldn't you keep them?

    fresh eggs every day
    great idea

    What a great idea. Recycling wood, good for the enviroment, then keeping chooks, organic, and more recycling of food waste and making organic fertiliser.

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