Dealhacker: ALDI's Fitness Sale Kicks Off Tomorrow

This Wednesday (27th August), ALDI is having a sale on fitness products as part of its 'Special Buys' promotion. The deals on offer include treadmills, punching bags, compression tops, fitness watches and assorted dietary supplements. Here are a few products that caught our eye...

ALDI's 'Special Buys' sale features new discounted items every Wednesday and Saturday which are available until sold out. If any of the below items interest you, the usual ALDI sale rules apply: get to your local branch as soon as it opens to ensure you don't miss out.

Stock is usually limited to a handful of units per store (especially with big-ticket items) which means they tend to sell out fast.

Crane Compression Tops, Shorts or Leggings ($16.99)

The Crane Compression Tops, Shorts and Leggings are designed to enhance muscle support and stability, increase performance and reduce muscle fatigue during sports and recovery. They come with breathable back neck, underarm and back waist mesh panels plus flat lock seams for comfort.

Note that each individual item costs $16.99 each — which means a complete outfit will set you back around $50. Plus, there's also no change rooms at ALDI which means you need to be sure of your dress size. (Ladies Sizes: S - L. Men’s Sizes: S - XL.)

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Crane 25kg Boxing Bag ($49.95)

The Crane 25kg Boxing Bag is made from PVC lined with PE foam for shock absorbency and triple-stiching for better durability. It comes in a choice of black or charcoal. This is a pretty decent price for a punching bag — if you bought from Rebel Sports you'd be looking to pay at least twice that much (although quality may naturally vary). If your heart is set on a particular colour, make sure that you get to your local store ASAP.

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Crane Boxing Combo Set ($24.99)

A punching bag requires a good set of gloves. For $24.99, ALDI is selling the Crane Boxing Combo Set which includes a pair of soft-moulded boxing gloves and focus pads made from Air Tek foam. The set is available in black or grey so get in early if you want to colour-coordinate with your punching bag.

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Crane Motorised Treadmill with Automatic Incline ($499)

The price of this treadmill is sure to raise a few eyebrows: it's almost as if ALDI is ditching its bargain-basement roots and going upmarket. That said, the unit does come with a solid array of bells-and-whistles for the asking price: you get a 1.5 HP continuous duty motor, a speed range of 0-16km/hr, an LCD screen with 12 pre-set programs, a 12 level power front incline and a spacious running deck measuring 1320x460mm. We've not tested the Crane Treadmill so we can't vouch for its quality. It's also worth noting that there are plenty of cheaper variants available online.

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Crane Heart Rate Monitor Watch ($19.99)

Wearable fitness gadgets have become increasingly popular in recent years. The Crane Heart Rate Monitor Watch presents an affordable way to find out what the fuss is about. The watch comes equipped with a calorie reader, pre-set training target zones and alerts for exceeding your maximum heart rate. The unit is also water resistant by up to 30 metres. While it's not as feature-packed or stylish as the JawBone Up, it seems like a solid gadget for the asking price.

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You can check out the full range of Wednesday Special Buy products at ALDI's website.


    I could not be bothered with a company that does not get enough stock in..

    How much is 'enough' stock? I'm still seeing products from sales over a month ago still on the floor. Some products are always going to be more popular and sell out faster than others.

      Like the motorbike sale, 50-100 people waiting outside for the store to open!

        Guess it depends on the store too, I was at Caroline Springs in VIC on Saturday afternoon about 4pm and they had heaps of Motorbike helmets and still had leathers and wet weather gear too.

    The watch is okay, does what it says it does. HRM is accurate up to +/- 2-3 beats. The instructions are very confusing and the watch settings are cumbersome to use. But I guess I should have expected that because it was only 20 dollars. I only bought it for the instant HRM count so I don't have to calculate it myself. Not sure if it was completely worth 20 bux lol

    bought the watch, indeed a bit confusing to use but does the job fine. Won't hear me complain about 20$, worth it.

    It also comes wit a adapter that allows you to mount it on a bicycle for people who are keen on that.

    How much did they pay you to post this article?

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