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This Is How Much Money You Need to Save By Every Age to Retire Happily

How much to have saved by every age is a perennial personal finance question, right up there with how to create a budget and how to start investing. But like most money-related decisions, there’s unfortunately no single magic number that’s going to apply to each person. Fidelity suggests having your…

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

So you adopted a dog (or cat or bird). You’ve got the food, the bed and the toys, and now you’re wondering whether pet insurance is a good investment. What if your new companion gets sick or hurt? Could pet insurance help save their lives — and protect your wallet?

How To Protect Your Money, With Ramit Sethi

How To Protect Your Money, With Ramit Sethi

Let’s face it, the economy feels a little doom and gloom right now. So we’re learning how to protect ourselves financially this week with the help of personal finance advisor Ramit Sethi. Hear him talk with Alice Bradley and Lifehacker’s personal finance writer Lisa Rowan about his practical tips for…