Frost A Cake With A Paper Towel For A Smooth, Professional Look

When the pros frost a cake, they don't use a paper towel. But if you're not a pro and wish you could get the same look, a paper towel and a steady hand is all you really need. You'll still have to frost the cake like normal, but for that perfectly smooth, professional look at the end, reach for a paper towel.

The video above takes you through the whole process if you're unfamiliar with how to frost a cake, but the paper towel action kicks off in the last few minutes (around 7:15). Just use the paper towel to press the frosting down nice and flat, and slide your finger across the top and sides of the cake with quick smoothing motions.

In the video, Brooke uses a Viva paper towel specifically because it has no pattern or design printed on it, and she wants a smooth, fondant-like look. But you can use any paper towel without a print stamped into it. What do you think? Willing to try this the next time you frost someone's birthday cake, or too much fuss entirely? Share your cake-decorating tips in the comments below.

How to Frost a Cake Using a Paper Towel [The Little Delights In Life]


    wouldn't glad wrap make more sense?

    Wouldn't the frosting stick to the paper towel? Looks like u'd b in danger of removing all the icing like when ur waxing ur legs! :S

      it doesn't stick to buttercream that americans make because they use shortening (crisco)...vile stuff

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