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If you run your own business, and own a car, but aren't using it to market your business then you're missing out on a vital advertising platform. If you're driving around a lot, perhaps to get to meetings or to go between different offices, then this is a great chance to advertise your business.


Some life hacks require a complete how-to guide just to understand. Others are so genius in their simplicity that they speak for themselves. Here are ten of our favourite self-explanatory "MacGyver" tricks from the Lifehacker archives.


I'm a pretty big fan of dipping sauces, and believe they have many uses beyond dipping. Sweet chilli sauce and the like are obviously fantastic on their intended dippers, but next time you order takeaway, ask for a couple extras and set them aside for later use in sandwich spreads, dressings and marinades.


Cold brewed coffee is a great way to enjoy your daily caffeine fix, but making it can be a fussy process. This technique is quick, easy and uses items you likely already have at home - no added equipment necessary.


After upgrading my laptop, I spent months feeling bad that I hadn't yet sold the old one. It sat around for months, until one day when a friend was over to work on a writing project. He hadn't brought his computer, so I fired up the spare laptop, whisking away my guilt. That spare computer has now become a dedicated guest computer.


Dear Lifehacker, What's the best way to get those little bits of egg shell out of a cracked egg? Sometimes I try to be cool by cracking eggs with one hand, but if my attention lapses for a second a bit of egg shell can escape into the bowl of shelled eggs. When I try and retrieve the little thing it lets me get really close to grabbing it but at the last minute inevitably slips through my fingers, teasing me to the point of madness. Any ideas?


Many people use a little lemon or citrus to keep sliced fruit like apples or pears from turning brown, but it turns out a mixture of honey and water is much better and keeps your fruit fresher longer. This video from our friends at America's Test Kitchen explains why, and notes that this trick works on veggies as well.