Use A Tension Rod For Hidden Paper Towel Storage

Use a Tension Rod for Hidden Paper Towel Storage

If you're tired of having your paper towels out on the counter, use a tension rod to hide it in a cabinet while enabling easy access.

Photo by Alejandra

The tip comes from Alejandra at home organising blog All you need to do is stick the tension rod through the cardboard tube in the paper towels, find the height you'd like it inside the cabinet, and tighten the rod.

Tension rods have a multitude of uses, such as making lid lid organisation easier or hanging spray bottles in an easy-to-reach place. Now you can add discreet paper towel dispensing to that list.

Creative Paper Towel Storage [ via Apartment Therapy]


    Love the idea of these things but I am still unable to find anyone that sells tension/compression rods or poles. I am not willing to order over the internet until I know what I am getting the first time.

    Daiso (the Japanese chain that sells everything for $2.80) sells tensions rods. That's where I got mine.

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