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Wash All Your Fruit, Even the Kind You Peel

You should be washing all your fruits and vegetables, even the ones you plan to peel before eating. Besides dirt from the field, there can also be bacteria and pesticide or other chemical residues. So as you’re packing your picnic basket, give your produce a rinse.

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How to Get Free Breakfast Sandwiches at Wendy’s Through July 5

In case you missed it, Wendy’s started serving breakfast back in March. (You may have been distracted by the beginning of the global pandemic). On the surface, this doesn’t seem like something that would succeed — after all, with so many people working from home, it probably means fewer drive-thru…

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You Should Grill More Chicken Hearts

I have never shied away from a visceral meat-eating experience. I find eating bone-in chops and steaks, offal, and even a literal face all deeply enjoyable. Bone-in steaks are a little pricey for everyday consumption, and faces take a lot of prep — but chicken hearts are cheap, easy to…