Woolworths Launches Big W App

Woolworths Launches Big W App

Woolworths’ iPhone and Android apps have proved popular, and the retailing giant appears to have a bunch more mobile enhancements up its sleeve. As well as rolling out a Big W price comparison app for iPhone users, it is also planning future enhancements including direct shopping from its apps and click-to-collect services.

The Big W app, which runs on iPhones and iPads, has a simple but useful idea: scan a bar code and it will show you the price for that item if it’s available in Big W. It also includes options to view current catalogues and locate stores, but I suspect it’s the price comparison feature that most people will be tempted by. No word yet on an Android version, but we live in hope.

Further ahead, Woolworths is planning to integrate online shopping options into its existing apps, letting you order groceries online and set delivery times, or order items online and then pick them up from a particular store (so-called “click-to-collect” options). While those sound intriguing, bear in mind they could make you over-spend. According to Woolworths’ own internal data, customers who shop both online and in physical stores end up spending 70 per cent more than more traditional shoppers.

Big W [iTunes]


  • No good for Android users like me. I think i will send an email to Woolworths and tell them i will shop at Coles until they deliver an Android Version. Probably spend about $200 – $250 a Week at woolworths at the moment. I think it would only take about a 100 people to do the same and email woolworths and the Android Version would be out in a week.

  • Yep exactly, no Android app yet again.

    So when a company does not release an Android app when they release a iOS app I always email the company involved. Advising of the need and how market share is now on Android’s side, if the company involved gets enough feedback then they will bow to pressure is my line of thinking

    • The only one that seems to look stupid here would be you. We are talking about an Australian company and an Australian App and as such an Australian Market.
      The link you provided is for a US Company. And as Ness pointed out Android is Winning the Australian Market Share an have in fact increased their lead. Android holds 42.9 per cent of Australian market share, while iOS holds 37.2 per cent. Android’s market share is even higher in other parts of the world. The average Android market share across the UK, US, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Australia is 50.6 per cent. (Info taken from the Zdnet website.)
      You now know where the buffoons are getting the info so best you go an have a read and become informed. I am aware that it takes iphone users a while to obtain this updated info as their system is still less powerful than the Galaxy S2.

      • just goes to prove again how stupid americans are in generall. the rest of the world has seen the benifits of android platform, while the yanks are still more concerned with owning a phone solely for the picture stolen from an english company of the late sixtys.who cares how limited the ios platform is or the complete lack of different phone options, all that matters is being able to flash(i know iphone users dont even understand what flash is either) that fruit picture round like a wanker all the time.

  • I don’t have an Android phone, so I wish these apps would work on my Android tablet 🙁 I realise it kind of defeats the purpose of the portability of the phones and everything, but still… I want it.

  • That means the app is only available for iOS devices, not for Android devices. Basically the app is built with a good idea but it should also be available for Android so that we can direct bargains for all the Android users too.

    • Just to put things in perspective- even if samsung has 36.3% market share, thats approximately 8 million android users who cannot use the big w/woolworths apps. This day and age, a company that does not cater for more than one platform is automatucaly behind the times. Beimg as thus discussion started back in 2011 you’d think by NOW they’d have created an android version app…

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