Woolworths Trolley Tracker Lets You Report Dumped Trolleys Via Your Mobile

Dumped trolleys make your neighbourhood ugly and cost supermarkets a fortune, which gives them another excuse to jack up prices. The Woolworths Trolley Tracker service lets you report dumped trolleys, and uses GPS data from your phone to accurately pinpoint their location.Submissions of rogue Woolworths and Big W trolleys to the service go in a monthly draw for a $1000 prize, so there's a wealth-enhancing incentive as well as a street-cleaning one.

Woolworths says the service works on iPhone and Android devices, and should be available on any GPS-equipped mobile via the sign-up link below. I signed up fine on my BlackBerry, but haven't found a trolley to report yet. If you try it out, tell us how it goes in the comments.



    The reward is a nice touch. I'll get a chance to win it while getting my local park cleared of trolleys.

    Now this is a very clever use of mobile technology to solve a long standing problem. It's not going to change the world, but I bet Woolies will retrieve a lot more lost trolleys with this.

    or there will be a sudden increase in the number of trolleys hauled away and then reported missing!

    don't get conned: trolley tracker will use your email address and probably mobile number to bombard you with promotional junk messages - which is outrageous given you're trying to help woolworths! [getting those messages is what you have to agree with before signing up to trolley tracker!]

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