Woolworths Launches iPhone App, Android Soon To Follow

Its latest mobile deals are decidedly Android-centric, but Woolworths has stuck to the familiar iOS path for its first official mobile app. The newly-released app covers pretty much what you'd expect in a supermarket assistant: a GPS-based store finder, a shopping list creator which includes barcode support, a weekly catalogue update and a recipe database.

We asked a Woolworths spokesperson if an Android app was also on the cards, and were told development had started and something should appear "in the next couple of months". In the meantime, the iOS app is a free download. I'm not equipped with an iOS device right now, so if you give it a try, tell us what you like (and what you don't) in the comments.

Woolworths [iTunes App Store]


    You buried the lead! The gun feature of the App is the the Shopping lists are ordered to match the ailse structure at your local store! I suggested this too them last year in June and they have done it!

    Woolies FTW!

    Technically it's not their first iOS app. Woolworths already had the Everyday Rewards app, which it seems that this new app superseeds.

    Oh come on Woolies, Andriod devices account for 1 in 2 mobile sales these days and we are still be treated 2nd rate? Why on earth couldn't u develop both simultaneously?

      They bring it out on the iPhone platform first to iron out the bugs. They are able to disguise the bugs with Apple users because Apple users are never sure if the problem is with the app or their phone. Bahahaha

    It seems their servers are straining, I saw it on aca (yeah I know, my mum watches it) but can't get list of stores.

      Me too Tim cant get store has anyone any suggestions or is it overloaded.

        Yeah, it asks for your location and then nothing but white. I actually put this down to an iOS 5 beta issue, but I take it you guys are on iOS 4?

    Yeah come on Woolies why wasn't an Android app done at the same time. 1 in 2 phones are Android apped not just Iphone which is no where as good as and Android phone

      oh well - at least android users can get directions to their closest wooliss without ever needing to touch their phone. Try doing that on a crappy iphone!

    iOS was first of the 2 OSs therefore we should get the App first.

    "1 in 2 phones are Android apped not just Iphone which is no where as good as and Android phone"

    OK, I'll bite. Woolies probably developed for iOS first because that's what people use. Whether or not "1 in 2 phones are Android apped(?)", look around you when you're on the train, in the supermarket, or walking down the street. Which phone do you see people using?

    Also as per another comment it would be good if woolies had wifi to use in store.

    This app doesnt work - totally useless since you can't pick your store.


    Im off to COLES

      James, you work for Coles - of course you're gunna say that.

      Makes me glad ill probably never have to deal with you in life, as i mentioned earlier, they got a huge influx of users from the ACA advertisement, they had some teething problems.

      Get over yourself.

    Glad to see it's not just me that can't get a list of stores. I spent 20 minutes trying to find bloody almondmeal at woolies today and could really have used this app then.

    I always thought woolies changed there store layout every few months to make us spend more time in their stores n buy more stuff, looks like this app if it ever works might buck that trend.

    just when i get to know where stuff is, the freakin change it again!!!!

    Without promoting our app....try Scan2List. Got Woolies, Coles, Aldi IGA covered.

      I can not find scan2list....

      Tim, Android users would love to use Scan2List - if the development ever got there. 7 months later and Android users are still waiting for something to appear. I understand that developing for Android can be a bit harder than iOS because of all the different handsets, but 7 months???? Considering the sheer number of Android phones out there, I'm staggered that developers lag so far behind the iOS development! There is a race to see who gets there first. I'll pay for your app, as long as you get there first!

    This DOES need internet connectivity to work. I tested it on my ipod touch, and the app worked on my home wifi but did not without it. (I'll probably just use my driod phone as a wireless hub for it.)

    The store finder is working for me, however the distances for the stores are completely inaccurate. Its telling me a store an hour away is just 10km from me!

    I tried scanning a product in though, and that seemed to work. Even in low light with my ipod touch camera. Even though the app's FAQ says that scanning only works on an iphone.

    In order to see the "my specials" or "fuel voucher" tab you need to login to "everyday rewards" which I guess is fair.

    There don't seem to be any prices though. Aside from the weekly catalogue prices. The item I scanned came up with a picture and I could add it to a list, but a neat function would have been to include the price and a running sub total so I knew how much I was up for, before I got to the checkout. Even if I had to add the price in manually as I shopped (as other apps do), it would have been helpful.

    Otherwise, it seems like a pretty good app. It told me the location of items, if they weren't stocked at my store and I can create multiple lists. Lots of recipes. All good. I like it better than the Coles app (which I admit I havent used in a while.)

      Hello how did you get the scanner to work on your iPod?

    Would love it if it gave u the prices of products as well when u added them to the shopping list - would be an awesome help with budget for the weekly shop

    Love the scan option - I scan packets etc as soon as there empty and then I wont forget them in the next weeks shop

    Also love the aisles feature

    Prices for scanned items WERE there when the App was first released but it seems Woolies pulled them now. I suspect they don't want people comparing prices while standing in the Coles aisle!

    Pretty poor they want to keep the "wool" over our eyes on item pricing

      Obviously the prices of items depend on the store location, state etc. would be a heck of a job to load pricing on every item for every store.....

    About time you got with the times. Android are overtaking iphone. Hurry with our app or lose customers.

      Agree totally!

    Woolies should have done both phones I and android at the same time, not all of us have IPhones

    cant wait for the android app. Funny thing Woolies sell the android phone and now app yet. go figure that one

    When is android vetsion due more android fonrs than iphone out there

    My wife is trying the app out as I type. Seems to work fine, local store came up, scanner seems to work fine so far. Using a 3gs.

    c,monn woolies get android up

    I and many of my friends have droids , I would use this if it were available to me , there sales loss i guess.

    Saw this on a friend's iphone today. It's awesome! Can't wait for droid version.

    I'm looking forward to the android version as well. The reason why companies develop the apps for iStuff first is that it's all the same hardware, so compatibility isn't an issue.

    There are lots more different android devices, so developers generally find it harder to get it working on those.
    (It's still buggy, but that's why it took the developers of "Words with friends" so much longer to get it working on android)

    Just my 2 cents..

    Woolies Android app out in wild. Available in android market. But says not compatible with my Honeycomb device ( Tablet ). Anyway i will try and see.

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