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  • How to Download YouTube Videos on an iPhone

    How to Download YouTube Videos on an iPhone

    When you have a reliable internet connection, you don’t think about how you watch YouTube on your iPhone. It just works. But there are plenty of times when you either need to go offline, or give your data plan a break. For these situations, it’s pretty easy to download YouTube videos on your iPhone to…

  • The Best Note-Taking Apps For Any Task

    Being a notepad and pen replacement is just one of the roles that smartphones fill for us now — alongside being a digital camera, a musical jukebox, an address book, and an ever-expanding encyclopedia. Not all the options are created equal, though. Whatever the reason you need to take down notes, these are the best…

  • Apps Are Secretly Recording Your On-Screen Activity

    As Apple releases iOS 12.1.4 to fix the FaceTime issue that basically turned iOS devices into listening posts, another major issue is emerging. A number of apps are effectively acting as key loggers, collecting every tap and swipe you make. And the apps can do this without requesting permission.