Woolworths Releases Android App For Supermarket Shoppers

Ever since Woolworths released its full iPhone app, Lifehacker readers have been crying out for an Android equivalent. The app appeared in the Android market over the weekend, offering the same broad set of features to make shopping easier (list construction, product scanning and access to special offers).

Back in early August, Woolworths promised that an Android app would be coming "in the next couple of months", so that's a speedy turnaround; the lack of one certainly stood out given that the chain is already selling Android phones. If you give it a try (or find a model it doesn't install on), tell us in the comments. Thanks Sam for the spot!

Woolworths [Android Market]


    Can't install on SGSII??? :(

      I was able to install it on my Samsung Galaxy S II. In fact, it works quite well. I can scan barcodes and it tells me where in my local store to find it and adds it to my shopping list. Quite useful.

        installed ok on galaxy s2 but wont locate store. Did you need to adjust any settings on s2. or could you tell me your settings?

        cant find any answer to this on net.
        also reinstalled app but that didnt work

      Maybe contacting the dev might be a better idea than complaining on LH, which isn't affiliated with the product?

        Lol I couldn't get it to list on the market... only on the web, which doesn't have a contact option...

        Just an update though: Appears my other mate with an SGSII was able to install... so I'm leaning with it doesn't like root access...

          My phone has root access, it installed fine. Other than a f-up by the dev, only other reason I can see for you not being able to install it, is if the market thinks your outside the demographic allowed to install the app. If you've used Market Enabler before, make sure you've reset your ID back to default.

          Oh and yeah, I missed where Gus said to report back if you're having issues, plus I haven't had my morning coffee - sorry be being grouchy!

            Nope, I run stock build just roooted.. Looks like the dev fixed it now though. Installs fine now :)

        Oh and did you not read this post:

        "If you give it a try (or find a model it doesn’t install on), tell us in the comments."

    Won't install on Acer Iconia A500, Ideos, or Pendo - will supposedly install on the 2 I no longer have the Galaxy S (I) and Galaxy Tab (original). Hmm. Maybe it will install straight from the .apk if I can get hold of it directly.

    Have downloaded to give it a try. Looks great as an app. Have had a couple of force closes, frustrating. Will give it a bit longer to see if it's resolved.

    Big feature I want is an ability to sync with another user, or add to the same list. The ability to add stuff by barcode when it runs out is a bit less useful if everyone in the house can't add to the same list.

    I still think that they are charging way too much for delivery! If they get enough punters to use it, hopefully they will reduce the cost then. Personally I have issues with someone else selecting the fruit and veg, but if the deliver cost was more reasonable, I'd get everything else but that, and then save a heck of a lot of time by just buying those perishables later! #]

      They also charge more per item. I took my shopping receipt from the other day and put everything in an online list. It ended up being about $20 more for a $180 bill. Shouldn't online shopping be cheaper because they can send it straight from a warehouse?
      Get your fruit and veg from a veggie shop, its better quality anyway.

        That's the thing...they don't ship it straight from the warehouse. They pick the orders straight from the local shop.

      Maybe it depends on where you live and who is responsible for delivery as to how much they charge for delivery. I know that I can get delivery for $5 for some delivery timeslots which I find amazing. The woolies groceries come from at least 20km away (thats my nearest store location) and they only want $5 for delivery? It costs me twice that for delivery from my local IGA which is 500m away. lol

    Can't install on my desire HD.

      Installed and working OK so far on my Desire HD.

    I was able to install it on my Desire Z no problem.

    Got the app to boot but haven't really had time to explore it

    Why does it need permission to make phone calls???

      You can use it directly call the stores.

    Nexus one wasn't a problem, but then again it's the last phone you'd expect a problem on

    Can't install it on my Galaxy either, though it is rooted to the latest version of Android. Interesting as I've never had any problems with other apps.

    I know this is a great marketing tool for them and they'll be tracking everything I put on a shopping list and buy (like I'm sure they do with the rewards card) but gotta admit it's handy. Just needs list sharing so I can add to the list from my phone since the missus does the shopping.

    can't install on HTC Desire Anddroid 2.2

    Won't install on Telstra HTC Desire - not even a market entry for it on the phone, could only find it on the android market website

      Working now. Dev must have updated market settings

    This app is incompatible with your IDEOS. (U8150 - QVGA)

    Yet one more app that won't install on the crpahfone sony xperia i10..blah!

    No joy on the Xperia X10. Lame.

    Won't instal on Archos 101 tablet,incompatible?

    Not compatible with my HTC hero with Android 2.1. boo.

    Will not install on Galaxy Mini or Toshiba AT100 tablet

    Installed problem free on my SGS2.
    BUT, why does it need access to my camera and video?
    Wish they'd tell you why up front!!

      Uses camera for barcode scanning

    Works well on my HUAWEI Ideos.


    installed ok on xperia x10 but store locator not working keeps saying store not found

    I am trying to download the Woolies App to both my toshiba lap top and my Telstra tablet. Can I do this and how. On my Tablet I have woolies wallpaper on screen but I cannot get anything else only

    I am trying to download to my Telstra Tablet and it is showing SET AS and SHARE. It wont let me do anything else with it.
    also, can I download it to my Toshiba lap top as well.
    thank you.
    barbara jones

    I can't down loaded the woolies app to my samsug galaxy s GT-1900. I really would like to able to but can't

    Can not install on my Asus Transformer TF101

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